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People always seem to ask me my type. Possibly, this is more of a recent thing, as it is one of the top questions Japanese high school students ask, and I don’t really remember having considered the question’s answer more than once or twice before this past year.

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Being grateful

Some months ago, I bumped into the law of attraction. I had heard of it before but this time I really paid attention and started do learn more about it. 290 more words

Day 168 (197 left) Law Of Attraction

Sea side holidays are coming to an end. I am grateful for the experience.

Be grateful and you’ll get more, be eager and more Will happen. 6 more words

Women are very good at pretending these two things

I’ll come straight to the point.

  1. Women are very good at pretending to be enjoying
  2. Women are excellent at pretending to be offended

1. Women are very good at pretending to be enjoying: 349 more words


Sexual VS romantic orientation

For starters let’s talk about the differences between sexual orientation and romantic orientation.

As the name suggests sexual orientation is a sexual attraction for a specific sex. 114 more words




Corabelle anxiously awaited Deagan’s arrival.  She loved him with all her heart, and she eagerly anticipated his every visit.  When she was with him, she felt safe, wanted, and loved.   890 more words

Everything We Need is in the Moment

All words, sentences seem to be in way only partial truths. Therefore if we want to speak only the truth we would be quiet most of the time. 151 more words