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If fractals were prayers. And graphics could convert strangers into friends. We’d all huddle around the controlled tempest of a radiant blue light. Pretentious?

Perfection can look that way. 57 more words


More intense than anything I have ever felt before 

I could be standing in the most beautiful place on earth – and all I would see is you.

Nothing in the world can satisfy me as much as a mere thought of you can… I will never understand the magic attraction you have on me… the pleasurefilled sensation within me as I read a text message from you… how the entire world falls silent when you speak… 30 more words

Love And Relationship

Jan. 16, 2018 Electric Sizzle

Electric Sizzle

You make my heart flutter when I see you.

I know I am much too old for this feeling

but the daughter of the old maid I became… 187 more words


I want to start dating, but it ain't gon happen like this

Listen!! This past week I had THE biggest EPIC fail of my life. I mean worse than the epic fail a relationship I had with my baby daddy. 617 more words


Opposite action 

This is useful for is when you are sad and you don’t want to go out with your friends. While this is a completely natural feeling, sometimes it is better to drag yourself out with your friends anyway – do the opposite action. 20 more words


What hobbies are seen "attractive" to the opposite sex, according to this site....

When joining dating websites/apps like tinder or eharmony many of the topic of hobbies gets exchanged in conversations. What sports do you play? What do you do in your spare time? 413 more words

Exploring NJ Trip #1: The Deserted Village of Feltville (PART TWO)

Here’s the second part of yesterday’s post/our weekend trip to the Deserted Village of Feltville, where we explore a 241-year-old cemetery and more.

If you happen to live nearby or pass near the Watchung Reservation here in New Jersey, you’ll never regret visiting this peaceful village–or at least, what remains of it. 167 more words