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There's Just Something about You...

There’s just something about you, can’t wrap my fingers around it, that gives me the CREEPS, perhaps, it’s how you never bathed, and did nothing (being able-bodied and all, for I see NO missing limbs from your body!!!), and just sat there, on the street corners, with that Styrofoam cup in front of you, begging for someone’s spare changes… 145 more words


"Swan" Lake Yamanaka

When Mt. Fuji erupted years ago, the lava flow resulted in the formation of lakes surrounding its northern edge known as Fuji-Goko or Fuji Five Lakes. 254 more words



There was something about her. Dark mysterious eyes, her fluid white skin, or the way she played with her hair. His demons that used to be balanced with angels were now rebelling, threatening to break lose. 22 more words



Sitting in the cafeteria last Friday, a young man and I shared a packed lunch. Lunch, it must be noted, that I prepared for myself. While taking out my various Tupperware containers, I noticed that my classmate had nothing to eat. 1,049 more words


11 Guaranteed Ways To Make Yourself Genuinely More Attractive

Guarantee non-binding

Do you ever sit in a public place, minding your own business, only to be smacked repeatedly in the face by the throngs of attractive people? 1,472 more words

The Point of Focus

Photograph: Rod Moffat

Seen from afar,

integrity positioned

above the ordinary 31 more words



A piece of prose on the body language of attraction.


Simple looks become a gaze,

eyes locked, held , just that a bit longer, 77 more words