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Study Finds What Makes Someone Attractive (and It’s not Good Looks)

Think you know what makes someone attractive to the opposite sex? If you had to guess, what traits would you suggest? Someone who is good-looking, with a nice physique and who is easy to get on with? 22 more words

Japan’s Top 9 Places to Visit

The world offers a lot of amazing places people could visit. Whether you’re a natural born adventurous person or just a normal human that wants an amazing experience, you still choose what’s best. 35 more words

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The 6 Traits Of Highly Attractive People

Have you ever wondered what makes a person attractive? Not necessarily physically, to attract is to appeal to emotions or senses to arouse curiosity, or to inspire pleasure. 470 more words


Fat Like Me

This is for a young person I know quite well who believes the garbage put out in society and media and is dealing with a lot of misguided self-image beliefs. 133 more words


Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?

They are two main reasons why one decides to get plastic surgery. The first reason is because of an accident, a birth defect or an illness. 522 more words