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This Woman Was Literally Fired For Being 'Too Attractive,' Because Sexism Is F*cking Bonkers

Sexism in the workplace is so frustratingly commonplace that it’s practically cliché. However, that doesn’t mean that these instances of obvious discrimination aren’t perpetually startling in their absurdity. 392 more words


It's the Truth

If you look
a certain way, it
can help you.


Thursday Doors - Faded Glory

These two attractive green doors are in the town of Silves, Portugal.

I use the word ‘attractive’ because I love the tiles, the cobbles, the ornate metal balconies and the old doors with curved frames, traditional style hearkening back to when the building was originally constructed. 166 more words

Thursday Doors

The struggle with our blackness

When I was in primary school my dark complexion was a problem. I was teased relentlessly because of the dark colour of my skin. Dark skinned girls like me were seen to be ugly, that was in 1994 when the first black president of this republic was elected. 387 more words


13 facts about flirting that single — and married — people should know

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

What could be more terrifying than talking to someone you’re attracted to?

On Valentine’s Day, no less?

Luckily, social science has figured out what makes flirting work — or not. 1,392 more words