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10 things to avoid in your pursuit of beauty! (podcast)

On this talk show:  Ten things every woman will want to avoid in her quest for beauty!  (Jessie Minassian)


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Beauty is an Inside Job

There is no judgment in your mind other than what you allow to reside there.  

Cosmetic surgery – a nip here; a tuck there; remove this, lift that… you can arrive at your destination as “The New You…”  Cosmetic surgery is a truly wonderful gift if someone has been born with a defect or had an injury that has caused some disfigurement that tears their confidence to shreds.   511 more words

Selfies Seen As Less Attractive Than Photos Taken By Others

How many selfies do you take in a week? Well, according to The Daily Mail,

University of Toronto researchers analyzed the perceptions of self-taken photos– both by the selfie-takers themselves, and by others– and found participants rated selfies are less-attractive compared to photos of the same person taken by others.

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Bali Unique Tradition and Ceremony that You Must to Know

Well, how are you today? Today I would like to deliver information about Balinese art and culture. Bali is a small island of Indonesia that has many unique art and culture. 446 more words


Diversity Of The Landscapes Are Quite Attractive In Nepal Tours

Lot of praises has been gone more than about the tourist in Nepal. The culture and the atmosphere in Nepal make it among these few locations which could be named as the ideal trip areas. 15 more words


Hey there, it’s a great day to be alive! One week left of school, can I get another Hallelujah! Anyways, today’s post is about confidence, or maybe my lack of it. 442 more words


Brass Tube and Sheets: Modern, Attractive Material for Home Redesign

Many people have an impression of metal as a cold, hard building material. In the right hands and with some creative craftsmanship, however, certain metals give off a warm and comfortable vibe that’s perfect for residential homes. 49 more words