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Sexy Paige Turnah exhibit her sexy curvy body, her body figure is awesome and makes you lustful.


love at first sight?

until now from the start of summer all i’ve been doing is watching youtube videos, sleeping and eating. now yesterday i really got into this series called… 449 more words

Look but Don't Touch Mandala

I get the sense that if you saw this plant in nature, your first instinct would be to reach out for it, upon which it would probably secrete some kind of digestive fluid on your skin and try to eat you. 201 more words


Day to Day

Everyday I wake up and want to stay right in my bed under the covers. I’m ashamed of how I look. I may not be obese but it seems that anytime I put any outfit on I feel like I look like a fat pig. 138 more words

Life In The Present

The Body Type Incident

I saw this post on Tumblr and I really have not seen anything else more true. With all of these self-love promotions going on in our society and my constant anger at body shaming, I feel that nothing else could have been said that is quite as true as this post.

306 more words

Validation of the Self - You're Doing It Wrong.

In today’s world of ‘everything right now!’ along with selfies, YOLO and “Love me the way I am,” I noticed something pretty interesting from a Facebook Post by a popular women’s page. 564 more words

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