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top 3 unforgettable women perfumes of all time

if you still haven’t discovered you signature perfume or you need to change and upgrade your collection of perfumes this one is for you , each one of these perfumes is absolutely amazing and everyone will be asking you where did you get this from . 226 more words


5 Tips to Impress Your Ideal Man

As a girl, it takes years to seek for your Mr. Right, a partner who can stay together for a lifetime, who will stand by you no matter what, better or worse. 467 more words



Who damn don’t want to be attractive & famous in contemporary scenario. It just differs from one-2-one’s opinion. Being attractive is not about looks (at least now) ,apart there are many different categories it’s based on. 372 more words


Singapore beats HK in liveability ranking

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Singapore has come out ahead of Hong Kong in a ranking of the world’s most liveable cities, due mainly to education improvements. 442 more words

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A quick (bad) love story- Part 2

It was the first winter of the coloured jean and I was in university. An older guy was one of the few people to join our cohort in second year. 307 more words


Experiences as an Unfeminine Female

One day in first grade, I was playing on the balance bars during recess. I had just gotten my ears pierced, and was happy that my pixie haircut showed them off. 1,907 more words

Closing the Door Against Adultery [7]

Closing the Door Against Adultery [7] *********************************

Warning Signs of Infidelity ______________________

I will discuss the sixth sign in the ongoing series on how you can lock the door of your home against the twin sisters called Infidelity and Adultery. 232 more words

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