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The irrational human being and the dangerous undercurrent.

The dangerous undercurrent

  • Projects that will fail before it even starts and we still proceed;
  • odd technology acquisitions that cost a lot of money and management already knew;
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Paper: Wave your false flags! Deception tactics muddying attribution in targeted attacks

This is an 11 page white paper that goes through the current challenges faced by researchers to attribute cyber attacks.

It goes through the current techniques such as, 68 more words


Logistic Regression revisited

I recently came across a different method using logistic regression to yield attributed credit, and having tested it for a few months am relatively happy with the results generated. 279 more words


Inference, fallacies, and attribution errors

Sometimes we use inferences badly, sometimes we use argumentation in the wrong way, often we are without conscious knowldge of the actuality of our errors. Here are some examples of how we communicate ideas badly or in the wrong way. 2,046 more words


Prospects for a Prolonged Slowdown in Global Warming in the Early 21st Century

by Nic Lewis

[W]e estimate that the warming slowdown (< 0.1 K/decade trend beginning in 1998) could persist, due to internal variability cooling, through 2020, 2025 or 2030 with probabilities 16%, 11%, and 6%, respectively… 2,063 more words


So, it begins!

I’m going to be sharing both resources and art with everyone here on this blog. My artworks include a little of everything, from fan art, to original writing, to my own artworks not based on anything but what I imagine or see. 177 more words

The Nocturnal Hours

Affiliate Marketing: Cross-Device Tracking

Are affiliates compensated fairly?

Online sales are tracked and affiliates are paid a portion of sales. ┬áThe issue is that there are multiple influences or impressions… 363 more words

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