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No Small Thing

Aside from posting my work here, I also have a Tumblr blog, Redzenradish Photography. Tumblr is one of those sprawling, digital media sites similar to Facebook, where artists can post their work, and others can repost the work of those artists. 960 more words


Creative Commons

Week 6 Course Work..

Hey people out there!!

Hi Everyone…

Creative commons is a non-profit organisation which helps to legally share knowledge and creativity to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world.

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ICT Course Work

The attribution question

It seems as though the issue of trying to attribute an anthropogenic influence to an extreme weather event is controversial on a number of levels. It sometimes seems to divide even those who largely agree, and almost always produces a push-back from those who appear to want to dismiss the risks associated with climate change. 264 more words

Climate Change

Linking Extreme Weather to Climate Change

ONE OF THE MOST frequent questions climate scientists are asked after an extreme weather event such as a drought or hurricane is: “Was it caused by climate change?” For a long time, scientists would usually say that no single event could be attributed to climate change with any degree of confidence. 1,011 more words

June 2016

When to cite your sources

I’ve noticed we’re citing our sources when we don’t need to sometimes. Other times we don’t attribute when we should. For example, in today’s anti-hazing… 394 more words

Assessing the causes of early industrial-era warming

by Nic Lewis

Was early onset industrial-era warming anthropogenic, as Abram et al. claim? 3,416 more words


Shapley Value regression (Game Theory) as an Attribution solution

Shapley Value regression (referred to commonly as Game Theory) is at its core quite an elegant solution, and one I’ve left until quite late on in the series to post about as it is an approach I haven’t implemented, despite understanding its principles. 1,204 more words