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Nature Unbound II: The Dansgaard- Oeschger Cycle

by Javier

Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) events are the most dramatic and frequent abrupt climate change events in the geological record. They are usually explained as the result of an Atlantic Ocean salinity oscillation paced by internal variability. 6,708 more words


Shortest Short Story

Okay, we’ve all heard of this, the shortest flash fiction out there.

It’s usually attributed to Hemingway, but according to Snopes, the attribution came from a 1959 play by John deGroot. 39 more words


Social Psychology

Essentially, social psychology’s emphasis is mainly on understanding the causes of social behaviour – on identifying factors that shape our feelings, thoughts and behaviour in social situations (Baron & Byrne, 2000). 3,684 more words

The New Attribution Language

I had posted this to LinkedIn Pulse the other day but thought it would be good to share it here and add some comments.

Digital marketing has always been about measurement. 372 more words

Toward an Ethos of Attribution

Recently while driving home, I was listening to an academic podcast and was struck by a verbal pattern of the hosts.  They were referring to others’ ideas, research, and writing without clearly or explicitly identifying these others.  780 more words


Jan 8, 2013 - Prime Minister Gillard connects heatwave and climate change

As the website Climate Citizen puts it

On Tuesday January 8 the Bureau of Meteorology released an interim special climate statement on the Extreme January heat Australia is currently experiencing.

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Julia Gillard