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What really drove the sale? When metrics lie

Let me take you back a few years, then we’ll jump ahead to the digital advertising world we live in now.  Several years ago, I was talking to the owner of a small business one day about what drove customers to their store.   1,090 more words


Reality: Spearphishing Campaigns and Election Systems

So Bloomberg has a story out today concerning allegations that the hack on the election was larger than first admitted to by authorities and the leak of a document by Reality Winner. 1,200 more words


On the Subject of Attribution and Citing Sources

I wrote a post about plagiarism last year that didn’t do very well since the editorial was prompted by politics which, in retrospect, wasn’t the greatest idea in such a turbulent election year; I still want to expand upon the idea and make an argument regarding why citing sources is a necessary part of creating or sharing content on the internet, so here we are. 689 more words


The Board *Still* Doesn't Understand Multi-Channel Attribution

Many will know the pain that can be associated with getting the Board to understand the role that digital plays in a business. Back in the day, it was often difficult to sell the value of a digital department – it spent a lot of money, the returns weren’t instant, there were a lot of unknowns, and the reasons for all of the above were littered with long words and acronymns – and people who didn’t always have the personal skills for effective stakeholder management (sorry, but it’s true). 971 more words


Google Attribution: One Platform to Rule Them All and the War on Last-Click

Google announced some pretty serious ad tech innovation at the recent Marketing Next 2017 event. Chief among them is their new Google Attribution platform which purports to marry data across various channels to finally bring real clarity to the biggest marketing challenge / buzzword of the last few years: attribution. 225 more words

Google Adwords

Disconnect between what ad agencies think and what real people do

What percentage of average people in the U.S. watch video content on their TV set (versus other devices)?  

250 advertising executives were asked that question.  They said 25%.   68 more words


Google Attribution: What search marketers need to know

The new attribution solution announced last week offers more insights and functionality than currently available in AdWords or Analytics. The post Google Attribution: What search marketers need to know appeared first on Search Engine Land. 19 more words