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The problem of attribution

The era of Facebook memes bearing quotes, to say nothing of the siloing and compartmentalization of views experienced in online life, has led me into a minor quandary, and I want to get my thoughts out on the matter, for your consideration and potential feedback. 1,721 more words


Influencer Social Commerce Trends on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have evolved from two huge days of retailer discounting into a six-week long season of aggressive sales, new product launches, and influencer collaborations.  367 more words

Brand/Influencer Partnerships

Nature Unbound VI - Centennial to millennial solar cycles

by Javier

Summary: Holocene climate has been affected in different periods by several centennial to millennial solar cycles. The ~ 1000-year Eddy solar cycle seems to have dominated Holocene climate variability between 11,500-4,000 years BP, and in the last two millennia, where it defines the Roman, Medieval, and Modern warm periods. 4,715 more words


Just as you always suspected, 260 million Facebook accounts are fakes

That means roughly 10% of Facebook accounts either aren’t real people or they belong to people that have multiple accounts.  Why might you want more than one social media account?  92 more words


It's been an amazing ride for Netflix

It’s been an amazing ascent by Netflix.  Today, roughly half of all adults in the United State watch streaming content on Netflix at least once in a while.  91 more words


Levels of Attribution for Threat Actors

Why seek attribution at private organizations?

Attribution is done by law enforcement officers (LEO) and the Intelligence Community (IC) for the purpose of identifying the perpetrator of a cyber attack. 1,952 more words


Compliance Is Not Just For Copyleft

The cost of compliance may not just be a copyleft issue now we understand how to work with the GPL.

Even before Christoph Hellwig (backed by the Software Freedom Conservancy) started his suit to enforce his copyright claims against VMWare, there was a great deal of fear of the GPL in particular and copyleft licensing in general among corporate lawyers, and hence among their executive clients.  780 more words