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Check your processes not your people

Attribution Error is definitely not a new topic but it cannot be overemphasized or exhausted. After acknowledging that there is a problem, it is crucial to identify the root cause. 370 more words

Marketing Attribution - what does it mean?

I just started a new job at AdTriba, a business-to-business software provider. It sure is a major change from the language environment I was in so far! 458 more words


AdTriba’s New Feature #2: Introducer, Influencer and Closer - Customer Journey Analysis

In this series about the new features you asked for, here comes the Customer Journey Funnel Report! A clear and detailed overview of the steps your customers went through and which sources brought them to a conversion. 360 more words

Game Theory (Shapley) revisited

Setting some time aside for development work, I decided finally that I should try and write a script to evaluate game theory solutions. Truthfully, I’d been put off previously by the apparent complexity in generating the set structure to evaluate the regression. 783 more words


Data Driven Marketing Attribution: Why all the hype and hoopla?

There is a lot of buzz around Data Driven Attribution, known variously as, Marketing Attribution, Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), Multi-Screen, Multi-Channel Attribution etc.
Marketing Attribution is a subject close to every marketer’s heart and remains a tough problem to solve. 770 more words

Marketing Analytics

Content Attribution: Identifying content that converts

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. The post SearchCap: Bing Ads Editor updates, local ranking & SEM accounts appeared first on Search Engine Land. 18 more words

Practical Portfolio Performance Measurement and Attribution

Practical Performance Measurement and Attribution provides a clear introduction to the subject of performance measurement. Focusing more on the practical use and calculation of performance… 55 more words