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Without verification

Since receiving considerable — and justified — criticism for helping Trump’s election with false equivalence coverage, media outlets have become better about adding “he said without evidence” caveats whenever the president says or tweets something outrageous. 363 more words

Journalism And The Free Press

93% of sponsored celebrity posts aren't FTC complaint

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced it was cracking down on improperly-labeled native advertising and disclosures on paid social media posts.  In April, the… 586 more words


Sharing much-adapted recipes while giving credit where it is due

Since I'm a rather reluctant cook—producing meals because I or my family need to eat, not from a sense of creative purpose—I have a lopsided relationship to recipes… 1,178 more words

Here's How I See It

“Luck”... an unfortunate occurrence?

Football (i.e. soccer) is one of the most debated subjects by men and women alike. On dinner tables, at the pub, or on social media, it is only surmounted by the subject of politics. 1,980 more words


Attribution Theory and Collaboration

Bernard Weiner established “attribution theory” in 1985 as a framework of making sense of individuals responses to group dynamics and group output.

Weiner asked participants of group work to account for the success or failure of the group, and following are four examples of the kinds of statements individuals made about their group, which I think will express familiar sentiments to most who have participated in group work of some kind. 977 more words


Nature Unbound IV - The 2400-year Bray cycle. Part A

By Javier

The existence of a ~ 2400-year climate cycle, discovered in 1968 by Roger Bray, is supported by abundant evidence from vegetation changes, glacier re-advances, atmospheric changes reflected in alterations in wind patterns, oceanic temperature and salinity changes, drift ice abundance, and changes in precipitation and temperature. 5,256 more words