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Open Mind to All Causes of Tragic Events

With the recent reports of former NFL Quarterback Erik Kramer attempting suicide, there have been many people pointing to the issue of the long term effects of head injuries in NFL players.   460 more words

Week Five: Voice, Attribution, and Acknowledgement


Noela, 56 “It’s very ignorant to not look after you, spiritually and emotionally." More @ http://t.co/VoXs8TWv61 pic.twitter.com/1dpwVQ3o2d

— Tarah (@Tarah_JR) August 21, 2015

Knitting in her favourite chair, my mother Noela, said the most important thing to her is Spirituality and state of mind.

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“Why Attribution in ‘Active Defense’ is Just Not that Important!”

Imagine owning a company and realizing you have been hacked and the hackers are disrupting operations or stealing trade secrets, intellectual property, private information, or even money. 835 more words

Information Security

Finding re-usable images in Flickr

Once again, apologies for the drought between posts but when duty calls, I have to answer and it doesn’t leave me with a lot of time for anything else! 695 more words


"very likely" versus "extremely likely"

In IPCC land “very likely” means 90% – 100% probability, while extremely likely means 95% – 100% probability. In light of that, I was wondering if anyone had any insights as to why, in… 616 more words

Climate Change

Techniques of Shakespeare authorship attribution

by Dr Barry R. Clarke

It is currently a popular practice to seek out biographical connections between a particular candidate and a Shakespeare play. However, the fact that this can be carried out for several personalities is sufficient to undermine the method as an authorial determinant. 615 more words