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"why doctors hate their computers" (atul gawande, new yorker)

an article by atul gawande on EMRs and the craziness/burnout that physicians experience as a result. it’s superrrr long and i don’t have the attn span  right now to read it super in-depth but the parts i skimmed were like, YES. 470 more words

By Others More Brilliant

The Painful EHR Transition

For the past 6 weeks I and the several hundred other ambulatory  physicians who belong to the St. Luke’s Medical Group have been going through a difficult transition; we’ve changed the software that we use to manage patient information. 515 more words

Electronic Medical Records

Book of the Month: October 2018

Hey all!

For this month’s book, I’m going to go with my gut that the rest of the book is as good as the first half.  122 more words


In Stories, Endings Matter: The Experiencing Self & The Remembering Self

I just finished reading Being Mortal: Medicine & What Matters in the End, by Atul Gawande. His book, and all his writing I’ve read thus far, is both rich with research and elegant in its storytelling. 1,041 more words


Being Mortal

“If end-of-life discussions were an experimental drug, the FDA would approve it.” (Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande) 211 more words


How checklists can improve teaching and leadership

Even under the best of circumstances good teaching is an incredibly complex task which can appear almost effortless to the casual observer.

The intellectual, emotional, interpersonal, and even physical demands of teaching cannot, however, be underestimated. 541 more words

Dennis Sparks

A Number of Reasons Why 20-Years-Old Is Still 20-Years-Young

“There will always be children and there will always be old people. We spend most of our lives somewhere in between . . . but of course each of us is infinite.”

1,514 more words