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Digital Model

For the past week or so I have been working on my digital model created using RHINOCEROS, this has been challenging as I am new to the software however I am pleased with the outcome and hope I can communicate my ideas for the context of my design clearly and professionally with my Photoshop renders which I will start working on tomorrow. 84 more words


CONFERENCE: Do Not Resuscitate

Join us for (last) conference of Spring 2016, in which Angela Harutyunyan, Associate Professor of Art History, is serving as a panel organizer and discussant (with… 292 more words

Upcoming Event

Design progress...

After completing market research at the Dolphin Centre and analysing the feedback I realised users wanted a kiosk that was different and unique. As many people now go shopping for the experience as much can be done online, I wanted to take the sensory experience LUSH already provide on their website and in store to a whole new level. 269 more words


Retail Interior Specialist: INK

Lecture notes from Ink Associates “Experts in Retail Design”

Simon Wyatt-Budd Director of Ink was kind enough to come and speak to us and show us the work himself and his studio do. 314 more words


Chosen Brand & Site:

After researching three very different brands at the start of the project (in sketchbook) and visiting all three sites I have had time to plan and think about which brand would sell well in which site. 705 more words



The Power of Branding: (Lecture notes)

A brand is an attempt to connect, generate, influence and control the users association with the company. It is a way of highlighting what makes your companies offers different to and more desirable than competitors. 331 more words