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What's Cooking? Stuffed Eggplant

Last week in my What’s in the Garden Post , I shared that my eggplants were still producing.  I harvested three large eggplants to make stuffed eggplants. 290 more words


Super simple sesame "stir steam"

When the weather gets cold and the days get shorter and darker I find that my energy levels plummet.  However, in the run up to Christmas work and social life seem to do the reverse and get increasingly busy.  788 more words


Aubergine pickle recipe

Aubergine is one of my top obsessions which I’ve spoken about before. An odd vegetable that I never saw eye-to-eye with as a child is something that I now want to eat in all sorts of ways and which I’ve written up a few recipes on already including… 452 more words


Intermission: Tuna Empanada

Empanadas are a staple of Hispanic cuisine, with fillings ranging from the common, to the wildly unusual.

Each country has their own style of empanada, but this easy to make pepper and tuna empanada comes to us from our special guest Ana, a professional chef, originally from Ecuador, now living in Spain. 159 more words


Special: Little Dollops of Shite

Martino da Como was the West’s first celebrity chef, his seminal cookbook The Art of Cooking broke new ground never thought of before, but we didn’t quite bring his ‘Puff Fritters’ to life as he would like. 195 more words


Vegan Queso Nacho Stack


A cheese sauce that’s vegan, dairy free, tastes amazing and is good for you. Stuff of dreams, right? Wrong! This vegan queso dip is actually made from aubergines that have been grilled and finely blended with spice and garlic for a silky sauce that is great for dunking, spreading and pouring on all things Mexican. 408 more words


On the Street: Lanvin Tassel Shopper Tote

BW: Tell me a little about your bag! From far away I thought I spotted a Lanvin.

Gretchen: It is! It’s a Lanvin tassel tote. 196 more words