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Rodney Hide on Auckland: Let it grow

Stop restraining Auckland from what it wants to be, writes Rodney Auckland is a great city that could be the greatest. All it needs is to be allowed to breathe and to grow.

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We will remember them …

And at the going down of the sun…

Auckland was looking lovely on this beautiful autumn evening

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Auckland Council worries about “ethical investments” and climate change

As a rate payer do you want your council putting ratepayer money into so-called “ethical investments” (surely a code word for poorly performing investments) or do you want them focusing on core business such as rubbish collection, stormwater drains, footpath maintenance and berms?

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Climate Change

What is Auckland University trying to hide?

Auckland University likes playing fast and loose with the Official Information Act. Auckland University is refusing to release 202 emails discussing a proposed Waikato medical school – unless it’s paid $570.

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Auckland won’t change, so Aucklanders will have to

Andrew Dickens writes When I was growing up you could leave home, drive anywhere you like, find a car park and do your thing. Those days are gone and they will never come back.

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Auckland City

TPA: A Beautiful Landscape (13/52)

Not much needs to be said about this. It was as if the sky and the sea were on fire – even if only for about 30 seconds of these glorious colours. 23 more words


Colour or Monochrome? (A question)

Another Friday, another commute, another beautiful morning.

I arrived down at the Half Moon Bay Ferry Terminal a little earlier than usual, and took advantage of the calm, clear, early morning serenity to rattle off a couple of long(ish) exposures. 60 more words