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밤새 내린 비 - 이정하

간밤에 비가 내렸나 봅니다.
내 온몸이 폭삭 젖은 걸 보니

그대여, 멀리서 으르렁대는 구름이 되지 말고
가까이서 나를 적시는 비가 되십시오.

Rain Again

I used to like the rain,
How the sound calms my mind
How the dim sunlight comes through my blinds
How it makes feeling a little down fair and reasonable… 81 more words


Another of Goff’s election pledges falling behind — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Phil Goff pledged to get satisfaction with the Super City up to around 50% after it was reported to be around 17%. How’s he doing? Not so well it seems: Aucklanders’ satisfaction with Auckland Council has nudged up in the past year, but is still around the fail mark handed out by Auckland Mayor Phil…

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Auckland rates jiggery pokery

Auckland ratepayers could excused for being bamboozled by their rates and taxes and levies.

Mayor Phil Goff is claiming he is fulfilling a promise to keep rates rises below 2.5%. 442 more words


Awesome, Auckland Council set to go on cat killing spree — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Auckland Council wants to go a cat culling…excellent, the first good thing Phil Goff has done. Cats without microchips found roaming in sensitive environments will be killed under Auckland Council’s new pest eradication programme.

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Parking in Auckland city is super expensive.

I live in Papatoetoe, a suburb of South Auckland. We do not have any parking problem on this side of the city.

But things change drastically once you enter the money hungry, pocket emptying, heart squeezing world of ‘THE CITY’. 255 more words