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Hang Gliding - Auckland, New Zealand


For my 24th birthday I was given a hang gliding voucher and it was INSANE.

They day started off with an early morning as we travelled out to the West Coast of New Zealand, Waiuku. 472 more words


When First I Saw A Real Bad Guy

As part of the White House advance team, I traveled to Birmingham, England in April,1998 to help with President Bill Clinton’s schedule during the G-8 Summit, a meeting of the world’s leading economies. 553 more words


Sisters waive right to name suppression to help abused

నాన్న కాదు.. నరరూప రాక్షసుడు..!

రక్తం పంచివ్వకపోయినా.. వారికి నాన్నగా మారాడు. సవతి తండ్రి అయినప్పటికీ ‘నాన్న మనల్ని బాగా చూసుకుంటున్నాడు కదా..!’continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

I don't believe words from Economists, here's why...

I read this news article the other day regarding a forecast of house price in Auckland that would be cheaper in 12 months. The economist from the article said that he didn’t think the price will be cheaper due to strong “backlog” of people waiting to climb up the property ladder, and thus a solid support. 365 more words


Symptoms of Irrational Exuberance. "Does your home earn more than you do?" - NZ Herald. 

The typical Auckland property now makes $8 a day more in capital gain than the average employee’s daily wage. NZ Herald

NZ Politics

National Fails to Grab Auckland. 

​Ralston stood as an independent but swore allegiance to Auckland Future and Vic Crone, the latest de facto attempt by the National Party to wrestle control of the Super City. 80 more words


​The boys and girls at The Spinoff are not cynical hipsters, they’re true believers. - Chris Trotter

Members of a generation which, knowing
nothing else, have absorbed the ideological assumptions of neoliberalism
without conspicuous protest. Now they want their reward. They’re hungry for… 27 more words

NZ Politics