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Day two hundred and seventy two: Auckland Zoo's new enclosure

Auckland Zoo has a new space and it is ‘strangely beautiful.’ The new precinct connects to the existing Aussie walkabout enclosure and is home to some of Australia’s strangest creatures. 33 more words


Photo of the week: Wētāpunga

Today’s photo is of a wētāpunga, a very large insect that, when fully grown, can weigh more than a mouse or sparrow.

The species is unique to New Zealand and has only survived on… 104 more words

Photo Of The Week

Palm Oil Free Bread

A few years ago the kids and I got to reading about orangutans and the way that their habitats are being destroyed as the rainforests are cut down for wood and the land is cleared to grow palm oil, an ingredient in lots of foods. 427 more words

An Evening at the Zoo

In February, the Auckland Zoo featured Late Nights on Thursday evenings: instead of closing at 5:30 p.m., the zoo would stay open until 8:00 p.m. We planned to go as a Valentine’s Day activity, but illness and bad weather prevented us from attending until the last Thursday in February. 310 more words


Rotoroa Island

The islands just off the coast of New Zealand are havens for native species which stand on the brink of extinction (certainly endangerment) in many cases. 166 more words

New Zealand

Kiwi Music Royalty To Play At Auckland Zoo

They’re all legends in their own right; but sharing the same stage for just one night only, they’re one of the most powerful forces in New Zealand music.  62 more words

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