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Auctioneers should join

The National Auctioneers Association (NAA) (and the numerous state auctioneer associations around the United States) serves an important role.

These organizations advocate for the auction industry overall — for… 292 more words


#Winning: Comma or Period?

Winning a championship of any note might cause a certain whiplash to occur. In the lead up to winning you were in large part engaged in a very self-centered and egocentric pursuit. 589 more words

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Post Game: Contest Interview Analysis

Recording your contest performance (bid calling and interview) is a great way to evaluate both strengths and weaknesses. This analysis is also useful if you were interviewed for radio or TV program as those opportunities have a great deal in common with the contest interview. 441 more words

Auctioneering Contests

Contest Interviews & Deckchairs on the Titanic

At the National Auctioneers Association‘s International Auctioneer Championship once the finalists have been selected they are sequestered some distance from the ballroom while they await being called individually to the stage to answer a series of interview questions. 400 more words

Auctioneering Contests

Auctioneering Contests & the Industry

Auctioneering and bid calling contests play an important role in our industry and for our associations. The benefits for the auction profession globally are several. They include: 346 more words

Auctioneering Contests

Live Auctions are Super

This last weekend witnessed Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, California. The must watch event of the year. The Super Bowl is one of the few things that we as Americans still do together, share in as one nation at the same time. 216 more words

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Gone in 30 seconds....

Auctions are very simple devices that have been used to sell assets for all of recorded history. However like so many human endeavors that simplicity has evolved over time into a variety of auctions, auctioneers, and markets. 352 more words

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