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After the Lord Mayor's show: Diets, Cramps and Serotonin

If ever you’re wondering what’s possible on a bike – and just how crazy some cyclists are – consider the friend of mine currently racing from Belgium to Turkey. 1,058 more words


Paris-Brest-Paris 2015 - my kit list

It’s less than four weeks to Paris-Brest-Paris, a historic long-distance cycling event . My big dream of taking part is eventually coming true is year. 1,470 more words


Sunk costs and the long distance cyclist

Cycling’s most potent mythology is best signified by the death of Tom Simpson: continuation past the point where the returns diminish to zero or less is admired by many even where it is frankly pathological. 717 more words


A Loop Round the Forest

I like the concept of DIY Audax rides. It gives me a reason to go out on a ride and to go a bit further that I normally would, if left to my own devices. 892 more words


My Second Brevet

My Second  brevet

Dr. Tejinder Singh Rawal

The second brevet should have been easier than the first one, for obvious reasons.  However, it turned out to be a gruelling one. 2,112 more words


The carrot.... and the stick

Cycling is a beautiful, but cruel, mistress.

It makes you work for the good times. And dishes out some bad.

The Tour de France is on our screens at the moment. 442 more words


HAM'R-OYTT update - Return of the machine Steve Abraham vs Kurt Searvogel

Over halfway through this challenge so how are they doing. 193 days gone so far for Steve (10 less for Kurt)

They say a picture paints a thousand words and this graph from Jo at… 498 more words