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Waiting for a new "normal". And crunching the numbers.

Multiple Sclerosis has been described to me as a series of peaks (which are bad) called ‘relapses'; then troughs (which are good) called ‘recoveries’. The difficulty is no one, doctor nor scientist, knows the height of any peak, nor depth of any trough; their durations, nor the gap between them. 1,205 more words


Longest Solo Ride.

Steve Abraham, as I have mentioned in a previous post, is one of three men trying to break the Human Annual Mileage Record in 2015… and despite breaking his ankle in a traffic accident a few weeks ago he has decided to bravely continue his record attempt, riding a recumbent tricycle one legged as the break heals. 1,384 more words

Land of My Fathers (what do you want to go back to that shit hole for boyo...)

My first foray into cycle camping was a mixed experience: a week of scorching weather, fine company and challenging terrain followed by the twin insults of biblical weather and a stupid crash. 593 more words


2015 Fleche Report. Team " Not Lost Yet"

This year I decided to ride a Fleche for a first time.

What is Fleche? Here is some important things to know.

According to RUSA   : 1,294 more words


Early season brevets

Its been a while.

This winter was very tough. Training outside and getting my mileage going in preparation for PBP also. I bought an indoor trainer ( I hate riding indoors) and used it only like 10 times :) Outside I feel free, there is no walls there. 559 more words


Spring into the Dales 2015

Spring into the Dales was my first ever audax back in 2010, and I’ve ridden it a few times since then.  It’s a scenic route and I’ve been blessed with some lovely spring weather in the past.   423 more words


11/4/15 Heart of England 300km Audax

Background to the Ride

It’s now a short while since I was diagnosed with MS. I’m trying to work out what this means for me; what I can and can’t do; and the extent to which my love of cycling will need to change. 1,016 more words