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London to Norwich: a wild camping trip

“You’re cycling to Norwich from London? Why would you do that?”, exclaimed one of my colleagues when told of my plans for the weekend. The truth is that ever since following rider’s Spot Trackers on this year’s Transcontinental Race (TCR) from Belgium to Istanbul, along with the Tour Divide and Trans Am Bike Races, I had wanted to try an overnight minimalist ride myself to see how I got on. 624 more words


Indonesia! Unexpected Jawa Pos Audax

I was happy to leave the heat in Mexico—it was unbearable. It was unpleasant to wake up at 5AM in the morning to ride 50 miles as fast as we could to get to the next town at 10AM or 11AM and having to lock ourselves in air conditioned room the entire day before it gets cool enough to go back out. 1,728 more words

Paris-Brest-Paris 2015. Final Phase 65 kms

Eschewing the opportunity to sleep in a bed for the last night….like Young SavilleRowAlex, Pistol and The Wattmeister opted for an al fresco patch of concrete near the entrance to the Dreux control, made a little more comfortable with the aid of a couple of mattresses preceded by a few bottles of beer. 571 more words

Paris-Brest-Paris 2015. Phase 5 Consolidation

If there was a category for snoring on Strava, then Muswell Hill Peloton would feature near the top of the leaderboard. Pistol, a Kiwi, emerged from his tent wearing a… 1,030 more words

Getting the miles in, and eating Tapas.

The Tour of Spain, Vuelta a España if you will, is on at the moment. So is the Edinburgh Festival, the worlds largest arts festival and the reason why it takes almost an hour to walk 2 miles in the heart of Scotland’s capital at the moment. 372 more words

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Paris Brest Paris 2015 - stuff I didn't do in 2011 that I am glad I did!

I wrote what has become quite a popular post on the 2011 PBP experiences and whether they met with my expectations. That article was included in the PBP finishers magazine and seemed to resonate with quite a few people as to how PBP feels the first time around. 3,147 more words


Bon Courage, Bon route. Paris Brest Paris 2015. Exceeding the expectations ! ! !

Every four years from 1891 has been conducted one of the most prestigious cycling marathons in the world. Paris-Brest-Paris. 1200 km on a bicycle from the capital to the furthest point  west by the Atlantic Ocean and back. 4,215 more words