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Le Mot Juste (The Perfect Word)

“A sentence uttered makes a world appear” (W. H. Auden, “Words”)

This is why I love the written word: reading and writing creates worlds. Before, there was nothing; after, there is something, even if it is only the trace of something.

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Three Poems in Lieu of a Proper Sermon for Epiphany 2018

Journey of the Magi                         T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)

Eliot was born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised a Unitarian. After attending Harvard he went to Oxford in 1914 to work on a doctorate in philosophy. 1,621 more words


W H Auden - in an age of Anxiety

This particular BBC documentary by Adam Low on W H Auden shows how well his poetry is written, how current and up-to-date it sounds.  His… 418 more words



Lonely we were though never left alone (W. H Auden, For the Time Being)

Something about this line truly resonates with me in ways that I think are not unfamiliar to all of us.

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Triple Point

As you draw closer to christmas, perhaps it’s good to post something that fits the time of year. Something depressing. The title is based on the notion of the triple point in physics, the first temperature at which water can exist in solid, liquid or gas. 311 more words

My Writing

Entry XXXVIII - December

Journey to Iceland
W.H. Auden

And the traveller hopes: “Let me be far from any
Physician”; and the ports have names for the sea;
The citiless, the corroding, the sorrow; 409 more words

Poetry and the Modern Age (The 20th Century)

Book Used as Reference: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Verse: Edited by Chris Woodhead (Indian Edition), Oxford University Press.

The 20th Century was a seminal period of time for human history. 1,682 more words