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Law, like love?

This morning I experienced a frustration at my job, which I normally thoroughly enjoy; but today… today’s news from an outside counsel was very irritating. With respect to one of our cases, a local judge did not follow a precedent already sent in the law. 400 more words

From W.H. Auden:

“O stretch your hands across the sea,”

The impassioned lover cries,

“Stretch them towards your harm and me.

Our grass is green, and sensual our brief bed,

80 more words

The fine art of indifference.

The More Loving One’ by W. H. Auden is a beautiful poem that perfectly captures the art of becoming indifferent to what you cannot have. 375 more words


“Narcissus does not fall in love with his reflection because it is beautiful, but because it is his. If it were his beauty that enthralled him, he would be set free in a few years by its fading.”
-W. H. Auden

‘All we are not stares back at what we are.’
-W.H. Auden, The Sea and the Mirror

What’s the weather, Wystan?

Nothing happens. Ireland’s
(Her weather still) peaceful.
But times across the waves
The wind comes, the rain comes,
And no rainbow’s yet made
To promise charm even… 41 more words