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Blackpaint 566 - Babes in the Wood

Bacon and Auden

I can never read Auden’s staggering poem “September 1st 1939” without remembering Bacon’s painting – and vice versa.  It’s the two men in hats, sitting in a bar(?) while the slaughtered body hovers to their left: 481 more words

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"And Were You Loved?"

And were you loved?

“And were you loved?”
“And did you love in return?”

I believe those are quotations from a poem by Raymond Carver, but I cannot find a copy. 654 more words


Review - Edward Upward: Art and Life

Andrew Stone reviews a recent biography of the left-wing writer Edward Upward,  Edward Upward: Art and Life by Peter Stansky

Edward Upward was one of the less-feted members of the ‘Auden Circle’, a generation of politically engaged writers of the left during the 1930s. 1,023 more words


Conversations with high school classmates

Three or four years after college, I realized a desire to live my life as if to create a work of art.  The lofty desire came partially from reading some of Auden’s early poetry.  1,475 more words

Lourdes High School

Nicolson Gives Auden Mad Props

Diplomat Sir Harold Nicolson writes the following after attending a reading by poet W. H. Auden: “I go to bed feeling terribly Edwardian and back-number, and yet, thank God, delighted that people like Wystan Auden should actually exist.”



Some months ago, I came across two logging stories from Greenstone Region, both told in one magazine article. As the title suggests, the stories deal with danger, death, and grief. 772 more words