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"Thank you!" (from little Auden)

His big smile is shared with all his kind, generous, and committed friends from many parts of the world, among them: Anne (KY), Donna (MA), Sophie, Anne, Kristallina, Barbara, Stefanie and Martin, Lena, Laura, Enrico, Pat, Amanda, Anne (Ukraine), Pierrette, Nia, Herve’, Estelea and the wonderful and always smiling “Filipino fan club”, Ana (FL), Georges, Cathie, Gallivanta, Susanne, Ullis, Cindy, Replicant Core, PuzzleBlume, Henk, Irene, The Compassionate Garden, Kalosf, and several others I am certainly forgetting to mention (I am sorry!) Special thanks also to our families in Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S. :-)

The Scatterday Matriarchy 3.11: This Isn't Making Grandma Proud

Welcome back to the Scatterday Matriarchy! It’s a humid as hell Saturday night, I’m full of delicious pasta, my boyfriend is having bro-time with one of his friends, and I’m drinking a beer while listening to the new Tame Impala album, so obviously it’s UPDATE TIME. 2,416 more words



‘Aphorism’ – a word first coined by the Greek philosopher Hippocrates (he of the medical oath) is by definition a ‘delimitation’ – an astute, often funny and therefore memorable distillation of a general truth. 711 more words


How W.H. Auden lost the Nobel Prize

Number 2 in a sequence of blog posts about the Touchstone twentieth-century poet, W.H. Auden (see previous one here)

Continuing on in an appraisal of Edward Mendelson’s  373 more words


A visit to Blackwell House, a poem, and an acknowledgment of the 'human position'

This week I visited Blackwell House for the first time, and in the beaming July sun it was the perfect place to be.  Completed c1901 this beautiful property overlooks lake Windermere and its details are enchanting; “a perfect example of the Arts & Crafts Movement” … 488 more words


On Death

“Death is like the rumble of distant thunder at a picnic.”

– W.H. Auden