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A Simple Guide to Changing a Tire

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a situation where a tire on our car has gone flat and after pulling over to the side of the road we have faced the challenging task of replacing the flat tire with a healthy tire and getting our car back on the road. 450 more words

2016 Audi R8 - Automotive Butterface

Let’s begin with a controversial statement: the 2016 Audi R8 is hideous*. It is quite baffling how the design was approved and was allowed into full production. 2,302 more words

Automotive Aesthetics

Audi Q7 - Projection of Greatness

This film for Audi Canada showcases the new Audi Q7 using some incredible real-time projection mapping. No tricks, no fancy techniques in post-production, just hard work and a great idea to kick it off from the beginning. 41 more words

Art Direction

Audi goes for green so cars will rule the roads

  • First true Vehicle-to-Infrastructure service by an auto brand
  • Variations on the Audi A4 and Q7 tested in Las Vegas
  • Networking ‘essential for autonomous driving in cities’
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Motoring News

Audi networks with traffic lights in the USA

If you know in advance when a traffic light will switch from red to green, your driving is more relaxed and efficient. Audi is the first automobile brand to connect the car to the city infrastructure – an important step towards autonomous driving. 575 more words