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And Here We Are

I started blogging in 2005. I geared my blog for an audience of one — me. It was more of an online journal than anything else. 366 more words


Carson Wentz: Practical Advice on Audience of One

You might have seen the Prince Harry dead ringer photos of Carson Wentz circulating online.

The Superbowl Champ NFL Philadelphia Eagles’s quarterback is not just about sports, bucks, and glamour. 769 more words

Learning God's Principles In Daily Living

Dec 24 Search my heart

Father, it is the condition of my heart that You are concerned with. Through Zechariah, You told the people of Bethel that it was not simply the observance of anniversaries, holy festivals, feasts and fasting, which pleased You. 241 more words

Daily Bible Prayer

Auditioning for an Audience of One

I can still remember the feeling of being fifteen years old, with seven years of professional ballet training under my belt, and standing before two women who had my future in their hands at the School of American Ballet in NYC. 1,033 more words


Better watch out, better not cry

🎝 You better watch out, you better not cry! ♪

♪ Better not pout, I’m telling you why. . . 🎝

Mrs. Morgan’s coming to school! 335 more words

Audience of One.

Three years ago, around June 2014, I felt 6 little words stamped right on my heart by God.

“You have an audience of One.”

I even thought about writing a blog about what those words meant, but every time I began to write it, I would get distracted and never finish… A majority of this post was written 3 years ago, and looking back now, I think it’s because I hadn’t fully understood… and maybe I still don’t have a full understanding, but I feel like I understand well enough to put it into words. 1,085 more words


Seeking approval.

“You are designed to live as who the Designer has design you to be.”

It’s a simple yet a very powerful one liner. Yet I wonder how many people don’t live as who they’re meant to be because they’re trying to gain approval from mankind, because they’re comparing themselves to someone else, because they’re afraid of failing, because doubts and fears have crept into their minds, because they don’t think they’re worthy enough or who they are aren’t good enough. 584 more words