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Balance Your Personal and Professional Selves on Facebook

More people use Facebook than any other social network, which means that you need a Facebook strategy for your career. This is especially true since we usually use our personal accounts when we’re on it. 145 more words

Social Media Networks

Hola Event Passionaters!

In a recent research (which was undertaken by Julius Soliaris) regarding the future of events industry it was interesting to note that engagement is one of the main elements professionals seek to improve in their future events. 571 more words


“A good teacher, like a good entertainer, must first hold his audience’s attention.  Then he can teach his lesson.” ~John Henrik Clarke

How do good teachers hold the attention of their classes?  159 more words


An Audience of None

Excerpt from John Frusciante’s (Red Hot Chili Pepper’s former guitar player) recent newsletter, which mirrors a great deal of my thinking on the literary world: 201 more words

fcdc Blog: Lessons Learned from Tables Turned, by Samantha Nielsen

It’s a strange and rare occurrence to sit in the audience, about to watch your own dance company perform. But four weeks ago that’s exactly where I found myself, squirming uncomfortably in the third row of the Levy Dance Salon, where for change dance collective had been invited to perform along with many other seasoned artists. 633 more words



In my ready set blog course, I am learning all about audience. I am supposed to think about what my audience looks like and who I am writing for. 338 more words


Why Every Show Wants A Bit Of Turkey!

There is one live broadcast that every American musical wants to score. And it’s not the Tony Awards. This one has fewer shows performing which means less competition. 461 more words