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What Kind of Author Should I Be?

One of the themes that I have picked up on recently while doing some research on promotional work is that an author should identify their audience and tailor their writing accordingly. 665 more words

8 Steps to Effectively Share a Message: Introduction 

 You come up with a great idea for a topic. You believe it can help many people. The question is, how do you make certain the people that can benefit from your topic have an opportunity to see it? 182 more words


BCM241 Wk 4: Project Pitch 

Explore habits around social media and device use and examine how this information can be used to measure media audience engagement.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been chronically my exploration into the study of media, audience and place on my blog. 636 more words

Media-Apparition and The Connected BCM Classroom - a Small Research

Note: for ‘media-apparition’, see my previous post.

Let me take you to…

A lecture theatre. The lighting is dimmed so that the only source of light is the projected screen. 773 more words


Who Reads This Anyway?

I realise the words I write on here are mostly for myself. A way to express my thoughts to “the world” the “you” in that sort of abstract way where I assume everyone wants to know what’s going on in my head. 225 more words

About Me

Aesthetics or Athletics : The Pitch

This research pitch begins with an experience I had at the beginning of the year. When turning on the television during the ‘summer of sport’ I found myself flicking through constant updates on men’s cricket, football and soccer. 551 more words