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The visual rhetoric of music in film (Blog Post 9)

Blog Entry 9

The visual rhetoric of music in film

This music blog entry is dedicated to music in film. It’s not as simple as it might appear on the surface… 247 more words


Real Blogging

Blaugust is coming. A few other bloggers have mentioned it to me, either to cruelly mock my utter inability to post anything meaningful and/or regular, or to invite me to take part in a fun and slightly challenging event, or both. 492 more words


Meet The Fockers

The song “We’re Gonna Get Married” by Randy Newman enhances the introduction scene of Meet The Fockers. In the introduction scene shows Greg Focker and his fiancé Pam Byrnes getting ready to meet the Focker family. 307 more words

100 and counting

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Last week WordPress sent me a notification to let me know I had just posted my 100th blog. I have achieved this in a little over a year and the great thing is that I don’t think subjects to talk about are drying up. 431 more words


Video Game Audience By AGE

Video Game Audience By AGE

8-17      Years of children have 22% of share Played Game

18-24    Years of Children have 16% of Share Played Game. 65 more words


Approach the Podium: How To Get Speaking Engagements

One of the best ways for a Freelance consultant to demonstrate and validate our bona fides as an expert in our chosen field is to get in front of an audience and deliver a talk to peers and prospects. 787 more words


The Third Act

In response to Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Fourth Wall

I removed my coat and rolled up my sleeves. A bit unconventional but things had to be done to be…

509 more words
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