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Quitting Twitter helped me learn to be an adult again

I’ve never considered myself addicted to anything. But for the past few years of my life, I have been addicted to Twitter.

If I had to summarize my feed, I’d say it was a mix of articles and opinions concerning atrocities, war crimes, and disasters, mostly in the Muslim world—interrupted every so often by someone with a Confederate flag avatar telling me “Islam is a backwards religion.” 1,049 more words

How to Find Your Audience Without Using WordPress's Plugins Or SEO (For Travel, Book, & Food Bloggers)

1. Learn from what others have found.

This is entry-level market research at its finest. Read up on some case studies, examples and psychological analyses by marketers who have come before you. 671 more words


Virality: The real FACTS

Podium welcomes Priyan DC, former Business Head – South at Value 360 Communications, and now an independent consultant. With over 18 years of experience, he has worked with brands in a range of sectors like Technology, Healthcare, Business, Lifestyle, Aviation, and Education among others. 541 more words


Seeing the whites of their eyes

Phil: Regular readers of this blog are probably a bit tired of our rattling on about the Stratford Literary Festival, I promise this will be the last time but I can’t resist telling the story from my point of view as… 700 more words



A couple of days ago, I got a comment (via Twitter) from a musician whose work I have admired for many years. It was a wonderful, joyous moment. 320 more words


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