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Black Tony Is Heartbroken When Gucci Mane Finds Out About His Stolen Shoes [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]


Black Tony called up Rickey Smiley completely heartbroken, and drunk, because Gucci Mane found out that Black Tony stole his shoes the last time they were in his house. 164 more words

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New Music | 김필 (Kim Feel) "From Feel" Album Preview [audio] (exclusive)

I haven’t done an album preview post in a while but I was way too excited about this to not do it! This was literally released about 20 minutes ago! 56 more words


Warren Ballentine: Trump Won't Last More Than 2 Years As President [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Activist, attorney, and talk show host Warren Ballentine broke down some important information about  Donald Trump, his cabinet, and his tenure as president beginning next year. 195 more words

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Rickey Smiley Diagnoses Woman With "Hokie Pokie Trust" [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Spirit gives advice about “dating with integrity” to a woman interested in a dating multiple men. Then, a woman calls in asking for advice about an imbalance in trust in her relationship, which is the source of a divide in her marriage to her husband of 5 years. 168 more words

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Rickey Smiley Dedicates Momma Dee's "I Deserve" To Listeners [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Rickey Smiley felt something drop into his spirit today, and he wants to communicate to everyone listening that they deserve to be loved. So he puts on… 169 more words

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Does Montell Jordan Really Know What Kanye West Needs? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Kanye West very abruptly cancelled his Life Of Pablo tour and was rushed to the hospital soon after. We have since heard that he’s being treated for a psychotic outbreak, among other things like exhaustion, sleep deprivation and paranoia. 166 more words

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