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Gary With Da Tea Takes Crazy Fall During The Tea! [VIDEO & EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Blame it on the sandals! Gary With Da Tea bust his behind in Punta Cana! But seriously, he had to be helped by several members of the cast to get him back on his feet. 168 more words

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Is Wiz Khalifa Taking On A New Career? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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Sounds like Wiz Khalifa is trying out a new lane of music -djing. Listen to the audio player to get the details on the event he’s djing this weekend and why he doesn’t want… 154 more words

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How Snoop Dogg Got This G-Unit Rapper In Trouble [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Headkrack really wants this dude to win, but he’s far from winning right now. Listen to the audio player to hear how Snoop Dogg got G-Unit rapper… 146 more words

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Church Announcements: Oldest Church Member Dies On Punta Cana Trip! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

The oldest church member traveled all the way to Punta Cana and unfortunately passed away. He was 102. Listen to the audio player to hear  139 more words

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