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Prank Call: Roy Wood Jr. Grills Woman Over Breast Reduction [EXCLUSIVE]

Roy Wood Jr. calls a woman pretending to be from her insurance agency, and grilled her about the breast reduction she just got. She would not be shamed for the surgery, however, and ripped him to shreds! 129 more words

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Prank Call: Roy Wood Jr. & Man Get Into A Ratchet Fight Over Mustang [EXCLUSIVE]

When Roy Wood Jr. calls this man, he is already angry with him before he can even get the prank under way. Quickly, their conversation devolves into expletives and hilarious insults that have nothing to do with the black mustang Roy was calling about in the first place. 121 more words

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Prank Call: Man Is Insulted By Accusation That He Fought A Naked Guy [EXCLUSIVE]

Roy Wood Jr. calls this man from the corporate complaints department, to follow up with him on an incident concerning the man and an altercation he had in Alabama with a naked man. 140 more words

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Aukey Outdoor Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker Review 

Welcome to my review of the Aukey Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker that costs less than £30. Before I get to the meat of the review, let’s highlight the key features – … 138 more words

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Paternity Results: Man Manages To Turn His Wife Into His Side-Chick [EXCLUSIVE]

Parenthia and Greg have come to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to see whether Parenthia’s baby belongs to Greg. Greg met Parenthia while he was married to a woman named Lauren, and pursued her for about a year before she finally succumbed to the pressure. 220 more words

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Joke Of The Day: Husband & Wife Breakup [EXCLUSIVE]

After discussing the devastating episode of “Power,” Rock-T gives us the Joke Of The Day.

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He talks about why a married couple might really being getting a divorce. 104 more words

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Artist of the Week | Sik-K

So there’s this genre of music called “chill rap” and though Sik-K may not identify his music as that, it definitely falls into that category. I’m such a fan of the sound… when the rapper can sing. 93 more words