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Mr Whyte video

I used a Adobe Premiere Pro to editing the new sound with Mr Whyte video. I used a Silent Hill soundtrack and other audio files. I watch mrWhyteSilent video to see the opportunity, to make some ideas of a video or soundtrack. 45 more words

Audio Acquisition

Audio Audition - JJ3

I used a Audio Audition to produce and editing to make a music track file like rock ‘n’ roll, disco and anything music. I choose a music files called Precision Rock; it’s a rock band with Guitar, Brass and Drum.

Audio Acquisition

Audio track assessment - door surprise


I’m doing a Door Surprise audio. I’m with Martin, Iona, Ka Yanne and Adin, we used a H2 Handy Recorder to recorder any sounds. I used a Audacity to link up a the files to produce final recorder.

Audio Acquisition

Statement of copyright

The samples I used from the following websites come under the creative commons license: http://www.freesound.org.

The recordings I made and used as part of projects for audio acquisition belong to me. 14 more words

Audio Acquisition


Another project for audio was to go out around the college with recording equipment to gather some sounds and put them together in Adobe Audition.  The sounds included walking past the construction area, along the main road at the front of the college, walking through the corridors at the hospitality area, in the refectory and a trolley being banged against a wall! 14 more words

Audio Acquisition

Mr Whyte

The third project for Audio Acquisition was to add the sound effects to a silent video called “Mr Whyte”. I used Adobe Audition to put the samples togeher with the video.  59 more words

Audio Acquisition