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Finalized Animatic with Sound Effects

Hey there, here is my finalized animatic along with the sound effects I have gathered. Honestly, I am pretty satisfied with the results although I believe I need to do more experimentation in Adobe After Effects in order to fully utilize the transform setting such as position, scale, rotation and other features. 53 more words


Animatic Sound Effects: External Audio Used

Here is the list of sound effects I have gathered and used for my finalized animatic. Although, ideally I could have used other websites that provided actual sound effects audio but instead I ended up using YouTube as a source of audio which turned out pretty well in my opinion. 144 more words



So, all of this was to get us back here. If you accept that JARVIS is doing almost all the work, and Tony is an onboard manager, then it excuses almost all of the excesses of the interface. 190 more words

The Avengers (2012)

Audio Analysis #1-5:

Since the main idea I have selected is teleportation, I have decided to look up some sound effects and other videos displaying them. In addition, I have also looked up other videos that are not in relation to teleportation. 710 more words

Audio Analysis

AME 394 | Audio Analysis| TouchDesigner

Core Concepts

  • Audio Analysis – Based on Mary Franck’s Rouge
  • Interface Building
  • Table Referencing
  • Panel Execute DATs
  • File Path Referencing