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Episode 137 - 'Return Of The Jedi' Audio Commentary

The last of our audio commentaries/’watch alongs’ for the original Star Wars trilogy.


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Coming Soon: Indie Blu(e)

Kindra Austin, Jimmi Campkin, Christine Ray and Mariah Voutilainen are excited to announce that they will soon be launching Indie Blu(e). Indie Blu(e) is designed to be a vehicle to support both se… 7 more words


Episode 134 - The Empire Strikes Back [Audio Commentary]

Time for another commentary/watch along, this time for ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

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My Experience Listening to the Audio Commentary for 'The Last Jedi'

One of my favorite things when buying a new movie is to explore all of its behind-the-scenes features and The Last Jedi had hours upon hours of tantalizing behind-the-scene material to delve into but my favorite of them all was the audio commentary. 327 more words

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Episode 128 - A New Hope 'Audio Commentary'

Ever fancied watching A NEW HOPE whilst two northern chuckleheads get nostalgic, talk bolleques and make inappropriate jokes? Yeah? Have a listen then.

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Fincher addresses the complaints about him doing too many takes

“So everybody bitches and moans about how many takes… People I’ve never even met complain about how many takes I shoot.”

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Spaceballs at 30. Still a Scream.

John Alvin’s great theatrical release poster

I was a late comer to the Star Wars franchise. Those first three films were the only ones I needed to see. 308 more words

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