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Peak levels: Anyone can get the sound right

The ‘Peak level meter’ is an essential tool of an audio engineer. It’s used to adjust volume levels. For example, there may be odd moments when a recording is far, far louder than the rest of the track. 344 more words


Audio Engineer (Archive), American Public Media

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  • Broadcast Ops & Engineering – MPR APM
  • St Paul, MN, USA
  • $22.74 – $34.10
  • Hourly
  • Part Time: 35 hours/week with benefits

The Archive Audio Engineer will be a key member of the MPR Archive team which is responsible for the preservation and reuse of APM/ MPR’s News and Music assets. 788 more words


All about that bass that you hear, but isn't really there - #mixing

Yes, you read the title right. It’s confusing, but it’s true. Just think: sometimes on small
speakers that doesn’t reproduce low frequencies we can still “hear” them. 374 more words


In Music and in Life, the Last Note Is the Longest

In music and in life, the last note is always the longest.

Whenever I’m teaching a new audio/video volunteer at church how to punch the buttons, play the songs, set the levels, I always warn them at some point about “audio whiplash.” Punching “stop” or “pause” while the music is still playing does to folks’ ears what slamming on the brakes in a car does to our necks. 533 more words

My Rock Band (and Our Rock Concert)

As a few people know, I play guitar with a band called Allegiant. I also work as a technical assistant and audio engineer with the band. 612 more words

Audio Engineer

An Introduction

Hi, my name is Jonathan Arend. I’m a 20-year-old audio engineer and have lived in Woodbury, Minnesota for my entire life. Though my life, I’ve always had a passion for technology and electronic arts. 354 more words

Audio Engineer

Breaking the Barriers of Sound from Colombia

By Karrie Keyes

Maria Elisa Ayerbe Barona grew up in Colombia and is a recording and mixing engineer, sound designer, and audio educator. 1,105 more words

Women In Audio