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Not a resolution...rather taking more 'daring' chances - daring for me, anyway.

In welcoming 2016, albeit a month into it, I find myself contemplating new ideas and directions as a business owner.  I’ve made many sacrifices over the past two years, and celebrated some successes, and wrote off a few “oh, well, that didn’t work.”  Live and learn, right?   489 more words

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So this month I’m focusing on creativity tips! Why? Why not just make tutorial videos like every other producer and audio engineer on the planet? BECAUSE! 262 more words

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Journ3y’s Creativity Video

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Creativity is something we all possess, some more than others. For some creativity is something they run from because they come from a family that may not welcome a different new way of thinking. 274 more words

Creative Thinking

Free sound workshop

Folk Redlands is offering members a FREE Workshop
on how to set up and operate the sound desk for live performances.

Would you like to learn a new skill and help Folk Redlands at the same time? 209 more words

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Starting at 0 dB - Part I: Sound Pressure Level

As beginning audio engineers we’re going to have to learn a few things about decibels (dB) that aren’t particularly intuitive or obvious. One of the most fundamental is that decibels aren’t only used to measure differences in sound pressure: they’re also used to compare differences of intensity in audio signals that are passing through our gear… 546 more words

Analog to Digital Conversion - Part II: Bit Depths and Quantization

In previous posts we’ve covered sound pressure waves, transducers, analog audio, preamplifiers and amplifiers, waveforms, binary basics and digital audio sample rates. This article assumes that you already have a handle on these fundamentals. 1,303 more words