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Area Man Deceives Band/Audience, Does Live Sound

After nearly two weeks in Vienna watching shows, eating questionable street foods and seeing very large olde buildings, I was offered a special invitation. I had made a friend at a coffee shop, and she had a friend in a band. 1,363 more words



Here is great audio blog worth checking out! Schraudio is a blog ran by a friend of mine who never fails to share very interesting and enjoyable content, also while you are there check out his youtube content for any work that he may be doing, and check out his logo animation to check out my voice over!

Why I went Exclusive with AudioJungle

I just made myself exclusive with AudioJungle after getting all my tracks rejected from Pond5. I’ve been a Sound Mixer for over 10 years and before that I worked in post-production, so I know what I’m doing. 174 more words


Sound - Don't Do This!

Part 2 of The ‘Sound Guy’ Trilogy.  About an artiste who got it wrong.  Don’t do this!

On YouTube and Vimeo.



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Audio Engineer

Long hours spent behind a mixing desk can often leave one confused
and disoriented, no longer knowing ones place in this world.
Never forget your place again with this Audio Engineer gear!! 202 more words

Episode 6 - Kayfabe Gabe, Beggars, Nintendo Switch, Netflix Comedies

Christie blathers on about why he loves Netflix comedies (but for some reason mentions lemony Snicket and leaves out Bojack horseman) while Hazencruz takes a big clay colored shit all over Nintendo and their gimmicky new console. 20 more words


Shape of You: Mix Review

“Shape of You” has topped the charts in just about every country, and it’s Ed Sheeran’s latest single from his upcoming album, ÷The song was mixed by Mark “Spike” Stent, and today I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the mix to find out what makes it so special. 1,376 more words