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Wk 11 Mastering Session Avid S6

Today’s session marked my final session both within the Avid S6 for the purpose of this project and also the conclusion of the audio aspect of the project. 2,299 more words


Week 4 Project Update

Project Update!

After the pitch presentations and some feedback from Guy and fellow classmates, I’ve decided to make some alterations to my Major Project. I’ve decided that instead of three still images with 3 pieces of audio, I will be using 6 photos and 6 pieces of audio all tied together as one from start to finish, which is super exciting and will result in a greater project, one that I believe will be more beneficial to my portfolio as the end result compared to the other. 1,193 more words


What to Expect on The CTS Exam

In March of 2017, I took and passed the Certified Technology Specialist exam. It took me about six months of on and off prep to get ready, and the test itself took me about an hour and a half to complete. 599 more words


Networking Basics for AV

I’m gonna skip the boring introduction on this one and get right into it…

This is a primer: IT put into simple language, specifically geared toward AV applications. 1,200 more words


Wireless Microphone Troubleshooting - A Summary of Shure's Wireless Webinar Series

I’ve been getting into Shure’s webinar series on wireless mic troubleshooting recently. They’ve got some great information, but a lot of the videos are a little long, and they go into a lot of technical detail. 973 more words


Mixed by AB Studio | North Carolina

From a recent observation I've noticed how discouraging the lack of a professional studio setting can be to an independent artist. So when AB revealed her desire to open a studio in the Fayetteville, NC area, I had to commend her for not only that but the fact she's a single mother like myself! 53 more words



Change is hard for some people, and we’ve made a big change. Moving from an 1800 square foot home in Denver, CO to a 200 square foot Airstream would be unfathomable for most. 272 more words