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Strong Audio Implementation Part 2

This is a well made short film adaptation of a creepypasta that I am a fan of, and I feel as though its score is what makes the film work really well as a whole. 260 more words


Strong Audio Implementation Part 1

So this is one of my favourite scenes from my favourite movie of all time. I think what really sets this scene in Jurassic Park  401 more words



In my last post I explained how to attach an FMOD_StudioEventEmitter component to a game object, then, play it by adding a short line of code to the relevant script. 290 more words

FMOD & Unity Integration With Space Shooter

After a lot of trial and error, tutorials and trouble shooting I managed to get my first FMOD & Unity integration project working using the… 469 more words

Wwise 101 Certification Course

This week I decided it was time to get my hands dirty and get to grips with Wwise. Reading through forum posts and various subreddits, whenever someone asks which implementation software they should learn theres nearly always a resounding answer of “ALL OF THEM”. 884 more words

UDK Audio Implementation I - some considerations and tips to make it work

As previously announced, I’m very happy to start this series of posts about audio implementation on UDK.

At my master’s program I had to make a game (prototype), and since I had to deal with everything concerning the audio part, I learned quite a few interesting and fun things. 785 more words

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