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Strong Audio Implementation Part 2

This is a well made short film adaptation of a creepypasta that I am a fan of, and I feel as though its score is what makes the film work really well as a whole. 260 more words


Strong Audio Implementation Part 1

So this is one of my favourite scenes from my favourite movie of all time. I think what really sets this scene in Jurassic Park  401 more words


CGI Animated Shorts HD: "Desire" - Animated Musical Short - by Red Echo Post

“CGI Animated Shorts HD:’Desire’-Animated Musical Short-by Red Echo Post”,YouTube,posted by”The CGbros”,18 Jun 2014,

I found this short animation that have strong narrative. This animation doesn’t have any dialogue and any narration, but by the background music and sound effects the viewer can know what the characters want to say and why the title of the animation is “desire”. 152 more words

Audio Implementation

Superbaby Saves the Day! - Baby of Steel - Supergirl

“Super Baby Saves the Day!-Baby of steel-Super girl”,YouTube,posted by”Oscar Rene”,19 May 2014,

This video is a parody of the movie “superman”. In the video, a woman is in a trouble and screaming, so super baby goes and helps her. 142 more words

Audio Implementation

The Gallows Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Horror Movie HD

“The Gallows Official Trailer#1(2015)-Horror Movie HD”,YouTube, posted by”Movieclips Trailers”,21 May 2015,

This is the trailer of the horror movie “The Gallows”. The movie is about the story of the students who go to school for confirming the spooky story in their school is real or not and they are locked in the school. 80 more words

Audio Implementation

Importance of the background Music-Harry Potter

“Importance of the background music-Harry Potter”,YouTube,posted by”collection of humor”,21 Feb 2014,

This video shows how much important it is to choose the proper background music and how much different it looks like according to the editing. 63 more words

Audio Implementation

Harry Potter style Wizard Fight ("Little Wizards" - Short Film)

“Harry Potter Style Wizard Fight(‘Little Wizard’-Short Film)”,YouTube, posted by”RebornProductions0″,23 Jan 2013,

This video shows strong audio implementation with visual project. It has inspired from the wand battle scene of  “Harry Potter”. 87 more words