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How to Build a Home Recording Studio

So you want to assemble a home recording rig? You couldn’t have stumbled across a better article. Whether you want to explore a new hobby or establish a budding career in audio production, I want to help you seek out the necessary equipment. 1,741 more words




Recording music or any audio for that matter is not as easy as assembling instruments and plugging them into your computer and off you start. 1,050 more words


Body And Soul - audio

If you hit a note that sounds wrong, the one next to it will sound good. Jamey Aebersold

I take a lot of comfort from that quote!

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My first audio interface!

I finally bought some hardware to connect my keyboard to my laptop.

No more trying to record unplugged, only to have someone drive a lawn mower past my home just before the end, or someone indoors flushing the toilet. 36 more words


Audio Interface Market Global Research Report 2017 Analysis & Forecast to 2023

Audio Interface Market 2017


Global Audio Interface Market, By Component (Hardware, Software, Solution), Type (Universal Serial Bus, Firewire, Musical Instrument Digital Interface, Thunderbolt), Application (Professional, Amateurs) – Forecast to 2023… 533 more words


Starting a Home Studio: HELP! What Gear Do I Need?

Starting a home studio is simpler and more affordable than ever. However, if you’re absolutely new to the process, you might feel a little overwhelmed. There’s a ton of gear out there; some of it with huge, panic-inducing price tags! 1,263 more words

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Well, Poop!

Everything was in place. My audio interface was going to be delivered. I had loads of things to record for my friends. All was right with the world. 123 more words

Voice Over