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Step 2: Connecting a Mic to Your Computer

I bought a microphone, now how do I connect it to my computer?

Congrats! You’ve taken your first step toward high quality audio for your YouTube videos. 979 more words

4 Steps To Great Audio For YouTube Videos

The turn of a friendly audiocard

Damn. I have a Tascam US-16×08. It’s ASIO… and -as I understand and what I experience- that means it’s only serving one application a time. That’s quite anoying when you want to stream and record a radioshow. 64 more words


16-bit VS. 24-bit Audiophile Recording

Hello! What’s up guys? :-D

This time, I’m gonna post something up regarding the vast music industry, and when it comes to produce great music, there are some tips to help you guarantee the desired audio quality whether you’re recording stuff in your personal studio or a public one. 798 more words


Build your own studio!!


Audio Interface
Although your computer likely comes with a microphone input port and you can buy low-grade microphones to plug directly into your sound card, you won’t achieve anywhere near a high level of quality. 1,809 more words

From 9to5Toys.com:

Apogee, one of the leading audio interface companies in the business, has just released its most affordable option for Mac yet. The new… 763 more words


Artificial Intelligence? No! Only a new Audio Interface. Mr. Bowie, a respected and world-famous studio technician, told me that the studio needed an audio upgrade. 174 more words