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Audio Interface Post #3

In this project, I learned that it’s important to wrap XLR cords correctly to protect the internal wiring and make them last as long as possible. 441 more words

Audio Interface

How to Wrap XLR Cables

I explain the basics of wrapping XLR cables and the importance of taking care of them in this video:

Audio Interface

Audio Interface Post #2

An audio interface is the way you connect recording equipment to a DAW. This can be through Bluetooth, through a 3.5mm jack, a 1/4″ jack, a USB cable, an XLR cable, etc. 210 more words

Audio Interface

Audio Interface Post #1

I plan on using presentations or tutorial videos to demonstrate the necessary skills for this project. I am wondering what defines a “DAW” and audio interfaces in general. 50 more words

Audio Interface

Edirol UA-1X USB Cable Audio Interface

I have a Behringer UCA-202 USB audio interface and I have used it for many applications like converting my old vinyl records into MP3s, recording live performances and the list goes on. 103 more words


Equipment I Use

To record my audio I use the iRig Pro. It’s an affordable audio/MIDI interface you can use to connect your MIDI instrument to your Mac, PC, phone or tablet. 325 more words


1.1 Hardware: Audio Interfaces

The picture below shows a simple FocusRite audio interface with two separate inputs.

  • Latency can be an issue when using external audio interfaces. This is when there is a delay between playing the signal and either the computer recording it or hearing it being monitored back.
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