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Boss Katana FAQ#1

So this is my first FAQ ever! I hope you enjoy it :)

Leave me your questions on the comments so I can prepare my next FAQ! 27 more words

Skype Guitar Lessons

"Flying Horses" Robert Minden & Carla Hallett

free streaming to Sept 30th

Sixty-nine blown glass bottles create an ensemble of breathy physical sound. With astonishing intonation, the bottle choir creates an almost creaturely presence. 108 more words

Audio Recording

Lectrosonics announced the SPDR recorder

Just announced by Lectrosonics; The Stereo Portable Digital Recorder. Like the initialism gives away, It supports both analog line level and AES digital sources, two of each. 591 more words


a curious mix

Other instruments make an appearance in this curious mix.
Floating over the bottle choir, 2 musical saws, (tenor and baritone) play a bittersweet duet. Then a vocal melody, sung through a vacuum cleaner hose spinning round and round. 48 more words

Audio Recording

one more sneak peak before the release - excerpt from the bottle choir...


Notes On The Bottle Choir

The foundation of the music rests on “Triple Jim’s” 1 gallon jugs, the lowest notes in the choir. The cider is a bit on the sweet side, but the bottle itself boasts the best taper at the neck, and the opening at the top is not too wide, allowing a more focused tone. 127 more words

Audio Recording

a room without a bed

Describing how I led myself into my own loneliness out of curiosity.

I know what this means, to you it might mean something else.

One of the many recordings I have of me just talking to myself so I feel less alone or more lonely.

Out of context for you.