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Proof that Trunk Works!

Today, I clicked the Trunk logo in the upper left hand corner of my screen and checked my “stats”. As of today, I have 77 entries and 18,669 words recorded and transcribed in my private journal! 194 more words


6 Of The Best Audio Interfaces For DIY Musicians

You can’t really record music nowadays without an audio interface.

Look at any professional recording studio and you’ll see multiple interfaces.

Interfaces make recording-life possible. 96 more words


What Is True Will?

You’ll often hear ads on television and radio which promote motivational speakers. These speakers often focus on the use of ‘will power’ in order to get monumental tasks accomplished. 906 more words

Love doesn't have to hurt.

When we talk about love we may mean romantic love or the family and friendship ties that bind us in a love that varies in degree and complexity, depending on our own nature and what each party contributes and expects from the other. 1,263 more words


#30DaysWild - Week 03

Make room for nature!

This is a cry from The Wildlife Trusts, urging us to remember nature and pay attention to it during our everyday life.

996 more words
Audio Recording

Field Recording

I got myself a Zoom H4n recently. I went for a walk around Clarendon Dock to try it out and see what it sounds like. I posted my sound walk up on the  59 more words

Field Recording

Learning How To Say 'No' In A Go-Getter World

Take a breath. It’s okay to say no.

This is the lesson I’ve been learning: how to say “No” in a go-getter, work-is-everything world.

And this is not me saying, “The worst thing about me is that I just work too hard.” 272 more words