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Bazaar Contact Night Most Activity!

Part 1   Things get interesting fast. MUST LISTEN! Mind my Scaredyness. real as it gets.


Part two Turn up the volume you can hear what I heard i asked multiple times if this being was known as Sasquatch I got yes each time. 105 more words

Audio Recordings

Unasked for contact May 22 2016

Part 1


Part 2


By unasked/ requested i mean when i usually would like to have contact i would ask my friends if they could come and visit or just put the word out that i would like to have contact. 115 more words

Audio Recordings

A Repeat Of Jan/Feb Unpaid Wages Scandal

Rather than continue to publish only the 2015 blog entries, I have decided to start publishing the 2016 entries too.

These shall be released later this week, and will focus on the “January / February unpaid wages scandal”. 130 more words

Unpaid Wages

Possibly leaving Earth


I have asked if all this is true they assured me many times it would happen they didn’t say when or how tho they said i could expect it but since the expectation process i pushed everything told to me to the side. 32 more words

Audio Recordings

Sasquatch Bigfoot Yowei- oh my


I said i suspect i will meet them all soon. i was still working on expectation then. i really have no fucking clue! very exciting it is much better this way!

Audio Recordings