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RMAF 2016: Vandersteen Doubles Down on Bass

Audio-show exhibitors love keeping the lights low. It creates a moody, exotic atmosphere. But for aging scribes like myself, it also presents challenges. The way I do… 785 more words

RMAF 2016

Audio Advice: “Music Matters” in Raleigh, NC -- Part 1

by Eric Franklin Shook

There are people; then there are these people

Narrow minded, prejudiced, ready to make assumptions about places different from where they grew up. 1,170 more words


Sardinia 2016: New Foundation Series from Audio Research, live and in-person

The Foundation Series, from Audio Research, was announced some little while ago, and represents the new “entry-level” from the company.

You’ve already been told that the Series comprises the LS28 preamplifier, the PH9 phono pre, and the DAC9 converter. 1,371 more words

Show Report

High End 2016: A Colossus in the move, the Fine Sounds Group

This is less of a show report and more of an industry overview, or better a few random thoughts.

Fine Sounds Group has gotten so big that it really offers less live sessions and more power demonstrations. 279 more words

Munich 2016

Newport 2016: Sunny’s Audio Video brings Meridian, MQA, Audio Research, Wilson Audio, Audioquest, & HRS

A day prior to the start of THE Show Newport, Meridian announced their new Reference Meridian Ultra DAC that caught my attention. Looking at the spec sheet- a dedicated clock card & dual mono DACs, this was the DAC to hear, if you want to experience… 474 more words


On The Sensations of Tone

IDEA: An exploratory exhibition on the propagation of sound in the human body.

WHAT: ‘On the sensations of tone’ brings together three artists where sound, listening, the ear of the listener and the composer are essential elements in their work. 83 more words

AXPONA 2016: Into darkness with Sonus Faber, AMG, and Audio Research

Some of the set ups at AXPONA are altars to the Gods of high fidelity that seem to expect that you will kneel, or perhaps prostrate yourself at their feet as you grovel something like… 599 more words