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Recording like in the 50’s - is not turning knobs, is moving people

Recodring in the 50’s is for a lot of people a kind of romantic way of the real recording. How it’s really been and how big the challenge is shows this video of a re-born 50’s studio in any detail. 33 more words

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New Monoteur tutorial channel on Youtube

Just a short announcement for my new Youtube channel. I decited to share my knowledge about music creation with some instruments and production tips for interested people. 68 more words

Audio Tech

Modded Omnichord get it in to the 21. century

The Berlin based musician Hainbach shows the Folktech Omnichord OM-84 a modded Ominichord. For my taste its more like a usable version of the original and it changed the way you can play it completely.

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