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All We Are Saying . . .

. . . is give these a chance.

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More often than not, when a patient comes into our office to have their hearing aids dispensed, their initial reactions are that they’re too loud and that their voice sounds funny. 538 more words


Spatial Hearing

We rely on our ears to tell us where sounds — from the chirp of a bird to the call of your name in a crowd — are coming from. 585 more words


Hearing and Mental Wellbeing

If you continually ask people to repeat themselves, but are still hesitant to explore the benefits of hearing aids, it’s important to recognize that the alternative could affect more than just your physical wellness. 630 more words


Word Perception: Adults vs. Children

Even with an acute sense of hearing, adults don’t always pick up exactly what someone has said. That’s because from childhood to adulthood we rely on vision to understand speech and this can influence our perception of sound. 393 more words


The Evolution of Hearing Aids

Big, clumsy hearing aids don’t cut it in today’s ever-changing, multi-tasking world, but thanks to major advances in technology, today’s devices are smaller, sleeker-looking and more proficient at mimicking the human sense of hearing than those that were first marketed more than 120 years ago. 849 more words


Occupational Noise

If you had to guess what line of work makes for the higher likelihood of hearing issues, you’d probably guess construction workers, someone who works at an arena (with the noise of concerts, sporting events, etc.) or something along those lines. 522 more words


This New Research May Be The Beginning Of A Breakthrough

New possible solutions are on the horizon after this announcement from a group of researchers in England .  .  .

If you suffer from emotional stress, anxiety, or know someone else who is, due to tinnitus, you’ll want to read about this new study! 722 more words