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Audiogram Hearing Chart

I have been wearing hearing aids for many years now and have been getting slowly deafer!


International Women's Day

My Grandmother has had an enormous influence on my outlook on life.

Here’s a little bit of her story; from starting school, to discovering a love for learning and working hard towards gaining a scholarship to study medicine at Cardiff University. 41 more words


Audiology 101: Interpreting Your Child's Audiogram

Understanding your child’s audiogram can be an overwhelming task, and sometimes after you’ve made it home you realize that there were more questions you wish you had asked your child’s audiologist. 287 more words


Factor Two E5: Sally Can Wait

Factor Two E5: Sally Can Wait with @UKClimbing
Why would anyone choose to climb without a rope? Most climbers have asked themselves this question. They’ve answered it in many ways; some predictable, others more surprising.

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two more ways I'm just talking the talk

I’ve already been open about a few things I’m just “talking the talk” and not “walking the walk,” about, and that I’ve started implementing certain goals and mindsets that I think can get me more into this mode. 590 more words