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Step #1 - Check!

The first step into this journey is having my first visit with the ENT doctor to establish myself as a patient. The doctor (ugh!) did not know Auditory Verbal Therapy however, she did recognize after my explanation that it is the exactly same audio rehab therapy that cochlear implant patient received post-implantation. 628 more words


Pierce earlobes, not eardrums.

On Tuesday, I did the goofiest thing I’ve done in a long time: I got my hearing tested. I got something I don’t have tested. To help you imagine the level of ridiculous this was: 1,152 more words


1999 Sweeps, Segments and Promos

1999 Promo

1999 Intro Sweep

Y2K Discussion Segment


Springtime & Hearing

Springtime is beautiful, but it can impact hearing in several ways.

The inner ear is filled with fluid, and that fluid is extremely sensitive to the sudden changes in barometric pressure that occur in springtime. 773 more words


A Link Between Hearing Loss and Your Heart?

March 12, 2019.  A few years ago I read a book, ‘Scotland’s Inventors – How Scotland Invented Everything’, by Callan Anderson (See https://www.amazon.com/Scotlands-Inventors-Scotland-Invented-Everything-ebook/dp/B00E51N5BG… 521 more words

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