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Fricken' Vinyl!! A Rega Planar II but is it a return to the true Audiophile Playground?!

I caved… I admit it. But cut me some slack I’m old eh? and Canadian. I just picked up a British built circa 2016 Rega Planar II… and I love this thing – BUT…. 774 more words


Stop being so judgemental

PSA: I fully expect to get flamed for this post. This is a rant. That being said;

This sub has a contingent that assails anyone who dares to mention anything remotely close to the word "budget" or reasonable and any system that's more than $1,500. 133 more words


Tidbits and Oddities: Podcast Recommendations

My podcast obsession began during the last election, when I was spending hours upon hours collecting spending data, compiling spreadsheets, and creating reports. There was really only so long I could listen to music before feeling like a hammer was banging over my head. 1,077 more words

Tidbits And Oddities

Listening on someone else's system

Like many audio enthusiasts, I have a general philosophy for audio that guides me when designing (or shopping for) new gear. In a nutshell, I value an objective and empirical approach to design, but this is tempered by the notion that music is art. 362 more words

A Raspberry & Roon: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Recently, I found another use for the Raspberry Pi 3 w/ Allo Boss DAC. The tiny computer & DAC is now functioning as a Linux-based Roon Bridge to my Onkyo receiver and KEF towers and sub. 117 more words