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O'K and the Night Crew: Mini-Tour Summer 2017

Today, the band hits the road! We are heading up to Burlington, VT to begin a short stretch of dates. The other dates are taking place in: New Haven, Merriden, Stratford, and Manchester – CT. 122 more words


I love kits, too

Especially when they are high quality kits.  Here are the contents of a TubeCAD Aikido kit that just arrived. John Broskie’s boards are top notch, the parts are bagged and labelled logically, and the included manual is excellent.   79 more words

Most Surprising Cassette

You already know, sometimes one of the best tapes in your deck came from out of nowhere. Some album you’ve never heard from a band you’ve never heard of. 147 more words


Less noise - More music

While some think that the term “Audiophile” is safe again, I still find it incorrect in describing myself.   2,774 more words


The '1st' Tape: Driving/Exciting/Up-Tempo

I made my first mixtapes in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s. Recently, I started making a series of tapes called the ‘Mind Meld Mix… 343 more words


My experiments with Sound - Prologue

My experiments with high fidelity sound, to be more precise. One suspects that if you were born a nerd or a geek, the probability of finding yourself at this juncture at some point in life is very high – higher, in fact, if you have been shaped by good music early in your life. 634 more words


Getting Started

The idea came to me while I sat cross legged on a floor littered with CD cases. There’s a distinct joy that comes from exploring your collection and sharing your hidden gems with other music lovers; it filled my heart as I was recording the ‘perfect’ mixtape for a roadtrip. 93 more words