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Reginald Ray: Dark Retreat audio

ed: i highly recommend listening to this audio. the interviewer is excellent … i like what Reginald says,

and the self-protection that we put around ourselves so that we can experience our lives in a much more open and naked way—much deeper, much faster, much fuller—so that we can develop in ourselves, really, a sense of freedom from this ego prison, and not only freedom, but love for what is, and joy—joy in being alive…

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My Darkroom Retreat

Healing our Unworthiness by facing our inner Dragons

Healing difficult emotions and restoring Worthiness

Investigating my thoughts and feeling around the undercurrents of unworthiness, realizing I felt I didn’t deserve/wasn’t worth the good things/life lead me to search for Audios on Tara Brach’s website. 377 more words

Tara Brach