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Raise Up - liquido/myrh

● Prod: líquido.
● Vocals/lyrics: Myrh.
● Mix: líquido.
● Master: Disco Rebel
● Artwork: Tiesa Leudy
• Posse Cutz
• 2017


Sophia Rose's video collage of Alicia's books and art, with Alicia's song 1966

Sophia Rose, very creative herbalist, writer, photographer, designer, life artist, and my good friend, assembled this video collage of art from my books and photographs of me and my communal friends in the early 1970s in Northern California, to a fragment of my autobiographical jazz waltz, … 15 more words


My Mistake - mista hope / myrh

music . mista hope
spoken word . mariam zohra d
Here’s the link to the poem.


Wooden Horse - agitation-phi/myrh

music . agitation-phi
vocals . mariam zohra d

translated hindi/punjabi/urdu:
hit it with a stick
up goes its tail
and it runs
and it runs and runs and runs and runs… 7 more words


ArchLinux: Firefox Requires Pulseaudio

As of version 52.0, Firefox package does not come with ALSA support anymore in Arch Linux. The hard dependency is (surprisingly) on PulseAudio. It is not for the first time, so this short info is how to deal with it once and for all… 171 more words


Lit City by Jenny Jumble Featuring Myrh

Jenny Jumble is available on Soundcloud:
video by Jenny Jumble, footage and some fx by Flickering Screens
with Myrh featured posed and dancing. 11 more words