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Magic pill to OT

By Lana

The state of Operating Thetan is not easily achieved.

Getting through each Grade as fast as you can, or skipping parts of the Bridge, will not get you there. 325 more words


Starr Griffin

Title: Accountant
Location: Pomona, CA United States

Currently a self-employed accountant, Starr Griffin started her journey by earning Bachelor of Arts in accounting from California State University, Los Angeles, and a California tax certification. 170 more words

Financial Services

New 2017 IIA Standards - Good or bad?

The global IIA announced new standards on 1 October to be applied from 1 January 2017. So since I as CAE member of the UK and Global IIA will have to comply (even though my local standards, the Public Sector Internal Audit Standards, applicable to the the practice of internal auditing in the UK Government, will not be updated quite yet). 1,587 more words


I feel calm

by Chris Black

Ian recently began his Grade I and is on Objective processing.

While I’ve been auditing him for a few years now, I am still amazed at the amount of gain and the wins to be had from what seem to be innocuous processes. 106 more words

Milestone Two

CPA TIỀM NĂNG 2016: Công bố thể lệ Vòng 2 "HÙNG BIỆN - NGƯỢC BÃO"

SÀI GÒN THẤT THỦ! – cụm từ được tìm kiếm và nhắc đến nhiều nhất trong những ngày qua. Cứ đến chiều tối, thành phố lại bị tấn công bởi cơn mưa ầm ào và hung dữ bất ngờ. 527 more words


AD Audit: Update AD Account Descriptions [simple]

Recently had the very simple task of updating service account descriptions with the description recorded in a spreadsheet.

In this case the spreadsheet was the authoritative record of the account. 463 more words

The role of the Auditor


The auditor is essentially a technician.

Existing techniques are such as to determine a scathing fact: An auditor who cannot achieve results does not know his tools. 258 more words