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Internal Audit - the next Blackberry?

So in this post I want to consider the work of Tim Leech from Risk Oversight Solutions. He is critical of internal audit’s paradigm paralysis, see  856 more words


Why do so many practitioners misunderstand risk? Forwarding post by Norman Marks

The following is a link to a new post by Norman Marks, https://normanmarks.wordpress.com/2016/11/26/why-do-so-many-practitioners-misunderstand-risk/ , Why do so many practitioners misunderstand risk? See also the link to “A Revolution in Risk Management” which is provided in Norman’s post. 68 more words

Gretchen Carlson - Harassment & Discrimination - Culture - A Task For The Board - And Internal Audit?

I have provided below a link to a short article about Gretchen Carlson, an interview that she is giving, possible legislative efforts, and sexual harassment and discrimination. 387 more words

Unaware or aware

by Ian C

On a prior post, someone had mentioned in the comments about a third rail of The Bridge. Though he was incorrect about the content – he was referring to administration & management which is nowhere on the actual Bridge, just under additional services under training and also relates separately to the admin scale & 3D tech – he WAS correct about there being a third part to the bridge. 409 more words


My Essay 1 - Y

Timbul dan berkembangnya profesi akuntan publik sangat dipengaruhi oleh dua kepentingan yang berlawanan yaitu pihak manajemen perusahaan yang ingin menyampaikan informasi mengenai pertanggungjawaban pengelolaan dana yang berasal dari pihak luar dan pihak luar perusahaan yang ingin memperoleh informasi yang andal dari manajemen perusahaan mengenai pertanggungjawaban dana yang mereka investasikan. 1,638 more words


Reviews and Articles

Another review of Corruption, Party and Government in Britain, 1702-13 has been published:

DOI: 10.1111/1468-229X.12260

I have also uploaded two new articles that have recently been accepted for publication.   93 more words

Carnival of Quality Management Articles and Blogs - November, 2016

Welcome to November, 2016 edition of Carnival of Quality Management Articles and Blogs.

We have already taken up the following topics for the familiarisation of different elements of new version of ISO 9001- 1,274 more words

Carnival Of Quality Management Articles And Blogs