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Changes to the Auditor's Reporting Model

In the past couple of years, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, PCAOB, has proposed several changes to auditing practices. On August 13, 2013, PCAOB issued Release 2013-005 which proposed two new auditing standards regarding to auditor’s reporting model and responsibilities  (Zietsman, Burns, Pruitt, & Simer, 2013).   633 more words

Inspiring individuals

So I learned today of the death of someone who inspired not just me but countless generations of young people. His name was Joe Cassidy, principal of St Chad’s College Durham, UK, of which I am an alumni twice over. 442 more words

Internal Auditing

MS2 purpose

By MS2 crew

We would like to, collectively, remind everyone what the purpose of Milestone Two is, our endeavor, and what we here at MS2 are doing. 382 more words


Why Auditors should concentrate more on IT Vulnerabilities

It only took hackers nineteen days to collect 40 million customers’ personal information and credit card numbers and an additional 70 million data files on customers from Target’s IT system, which amounted to one of the largest data breaches in history. 428 more words


Living well

by Ingrid Smith

Here is a Success Story from someone who flew in from Chicago!! His second trip!

“My life had always been successful and everything was in order….health, happiness, money AND NO STRESS! 321 more words


From my mentor - internal audit as organisational ethnography?

So I have a mentor. For any CAE out there I would suggest you do so too. I would suggest, like mine, they are excellent, experienced, and understand the area of audit and business you are working in. 783 more words


Dror wins

By the Dror Center

Alexander is solo auditing at home on OT 2, and he recently sent us his story and added his latest wins: 1,145 more words

Milestone Two