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Let's Hear it For the Girls

As Austin has already freely admitted (ain’t he grand), making the All State Choir is very difficult….and even more so for the gals… Like most things in life, *sigh*. 1,148 more words

Voices...they are a changin'

Natalie does most of the blogging around here but when it comes to bro-time, she passes the buck to Austin. Here’s his take on how young men can decide which All State voice part to sing. 740 more words

Anatomy of an All-Stater

Does everybody here know who Dave Ramsey is? If not, stop reading this and go learn about him immediately! When the Bradleys got married, we decided to read more about budgeting so that we could be on one page as a married couple and we have been Dave Ramsey disciples ever since. 620 more words

A judge's point of view

One thing I say to my students over and over again is this: While this process is competitive, it is not like basketball, it’s like running track: you only play offense, not defense, and there is no way to  1,634 more words

How does it all work?

Have you ever sat down to play a game you’ve never played before with a bunch of people who have? Inevitably, someone takes charge of explaining it. 1,268 more words

Welcome! Why are we here?

Welcome! My name is Natalie and my husband is Austin. We also have the cutest dog in the world named May who is basically my inspiration for living. 301 more words