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How to Memorize Your Lines for Disney Auditions?

It is really important for you to memorize lines during Disney auditions. A casting coordinator will give you scripts, or else they’ll have your agents know that before you go through the audition. 603 more words

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Draft Audio Story

The link above is for an audio segment that I conducted and edited using Adobe Audition.  This audio segment includes an introduction in which I explain the purpose and benefits of this audio story, a brief explanation of why I exercise, and an interview I conducted.  251 more words


Audition Rough Draft

For my rough draft I recorded myself talking about why I chose to focus on the topic of achieving clear skin naturally. As I stated in my recording, this topic os very near and dear to my heart because for years I struggled with cystic acne. 196 more words


Audio Story Draft

I would like to discuss the storytelling process and design process involved with my audio story here.

First, the storytelling process was a simple one, that follows Gustav Freytag’s storytelling process, which follows very closely with the Exposition, Anecdotes, and Moment of Reflection concepts Ira Glass has discussed about. 296 more words


Raw Footage

This is a couple of recording describing why I chose to focus on my topic for the duration of this semester.



Last week I discussed the importance of learning monologues.  This week, I want to go over some tips on choosing monologues.  Many of my students come to me asking, “What monologue should I use?”  “Can you find me one?” 458 more words

Drama School Audition Experience: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama & Afternoon Recall

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (most commonly known as Central) is based in Hampstead London and trained the likes of Judi Dench, Laurence Olivier and Andrew Garfield. 954 more words

Drama School Auditions