Reaching Top of Major Falling Trend Channel, Final 2 Retracements Before Reaching, Long AUDJPY, 19th October 2016

Technical Analysis:
Although the price is about to reach the top of the major falling trend channel, it is still more than 100 pips away thus an opportunity to long before the trend reverse. 154 more words

Trading Journal

AUDJPY Climbing to the Top of a Major Falling Trend Channel, 2 Minor Retracements Completed

This is one of the longest-lasting falling trend channel which has begun since November 2014, that’s a month more to 2 years!

The price is reaching the top very soon but may take another week or more since this is a D1 chart after all. 119 more words

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Broke Above Resistance Zone, 2 Minor Retracements, Long AUDJPY, 17th October 2016

Technical Analysis:
The price gained and broke above a key resistance zone at 79.00, followed by 2 waves of retracement that completed within the previous resistance zone turned support. 157 more words

Trading Journal

2 Minor Retracements, Minor Resistance Zone, Expectation to Break Below Range, Short AUDJPY, 14th October 2016

Summary of Technical Analysis, Market Sentiment and Trading Plan, and Modifications:

Shorted with full risk after 2nd minor retracement formed and completed within the minor resistance zone at 0.7386, and set stop loss above the range in anticipation of a 2nd major retracement +20 pips from the top. 189 more words

Trading Journal

AUDJPY Falling From Top of Major Range, Waiting For Seven Wave Completion to Short

AUDJPY has reached the top of a major range and has begun to fall amid a butterfly pattern which was formed within the major resistance zone at 78.78. 102 more words

Currency Pairs

Top of Major Range, Butterfly Appeared Within Resistance Zone, Short AUDJPY, 11th October 2016

Technical Analysis: The price has reached the top of a major range and within the major resistance zone thus a high probability of a reversal. 221 more words

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AUD: the Aussie reaction to the RBA's non-move

As expected the RBA decided not to change the interest rate keeping it @ 1,5% with the Central Bank’s words pretty neutral and for the first time with Governor Lowe on the chair. 238 more words

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