Moving the stop loss by the rules

Trades for 25th February.

Long AUDJPY. 60m trend strong but the others weren’t really string enough. RSI and ATR ok. MACD only just supported the trade but the 15m version was looking downwards and the 5m version was on the zero line. 163 more words

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#AUDJPY short in progress #forex #day chart

The AUD/JPY short mentioned here is off to a decent start today.  But the day is not over.  There have been a lot of flip-flops on this pair from day to day, so it won’t go smoothly. 33 more words

#AUDJPY on the low road #forex #daychart

Looks like AUD/JPY will most likely take the lower track that I pointed out before.  On a pullback I may enter short.


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#AUDJPY at a crossroads #forex #daychart

It will be interested to see whch path this pair takes.  Might be a trade in there somewhere.

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My good trades are always over within 3 hours.....

Trades for 9th February.

Long AUDJPY. The pair were in an UT and price had gapped down when the markets opened on Sunday and when a gap goes against the trend then my plan is always to trade the gap which will probably be filled. 1,016 more words

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Spikes and not moving stop losses to entry

Trades for 4th February.

Short AUDJPY. A trade I entered on my journal before entry so that I’d have the eureka before I commited myself. The catalyst for this trade was that the trend was strong on all three charts. 737 more words

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Trading gaps and they worked

Trades for 3rd February.

Long EURAUD. AUD had gapped down overnight and trading gaps can be painful. I did manage some successful gap trades later in the day but this wasn’t one of them. 921 more words

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