AUDJPY: Potential break of downward channel

Since the start of the year the currency lost 8.0% but last week rose more than 0.5% and is in an accumulation phase since the end of October. 94 more words


AUDJPY: Pulled back From Top of Major Falling Channel, Broke Below Bottom of Key Rising Channel and Support Zone

It was still looking to break above the top of the major falling channel but took a sudden turn and became resisted and beginning to fall. 121 more words

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AUDJPY: Breaking Above Major Falling Channel, Rebounded Off From Major Support in MN Chart

AUDJPY first had a strong pullback from a major support zone in the MN chart, signaling for a sign of significant rebound and probable reversal. 230 more words

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AUDJPY - Top of Major Falling Channel, Crab Formed at Peak, Retracement Channel in Process

AUDJPY is finally at its peak as it has reached the top of its major falling channel and there are signs of exhaustion and reversal. 89 more words

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AUD/JPY Sell Position

 So here we are. The first trade I have entered with my new blog. Such a proud moment.

So, in all honesty I entered the trade a bit early at 80.144 and perhaps a bit cocky as well. 423 more words


First Wave of Reversal, Retracement Channel Completed, Short AUDJPY, 25th October 2016

Summarized Report:
The price was thought and seen to have reached the top of a major falling channel based on D1 chart.

In the H1 chart, the price is seen beginning to fall from a major resistance zone which was determined as the first wave of reversal. 197 more words

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Reaching Top of Major Falling Trend Channel, Final 2 Retracements Before Reaching, Long AUDJPY, 19th October 2016

Technical Analysis:
Although the price is about to reach the top of the major falling trend channel, it is still more than 100 pips away thus an opportunity to long before the trend reverse. 154 more words

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