$AUDJPY- Wedge?

Currently we are at 92.69 in a wedge. We are looking for a continuation to the Fibo support area @ 92.06 with an overall target @ 90.73. 29 more words

Trade Setup

Closed AUD/JPY short #forex #daychart

I closed the AUD/JPY short.  Not the best reason, but  this pair seems to have a lot of pretty serious reversals.  After holding this trade for 9 days, I did not want to see my profit go below 50 pips, thus I cut it off.   57 more words

$AUDJPY short finally paying off #forex #daychart

I have been short AUD/JPY for 8 trading days and it is finally starting to pay off.  Will close it at the blue line which marks the close of the candle that started the current move up. 33 more words

$AUDJPY short going to work out?? #forex #daychart

Still short AUD/JPY.  Looking brighter today.  Friday’s candle was a big one for the Red Team.  It took out the high of the last 7 candles and closed below the lowest close of those candles. 33 more words

$AUDJPY short not so good #forex #daychart

I shorted AUD/JPY at the near trendline but the pair continued to move sideways right through it.  Looks like to may go for the outer line.   57 more words

Moving the stop loss by the rules

Trades for 25th February.

Long AUDJPY. 60m trend strong but the others weren’t really string enough. RSI and ATR ok. MACD only just supported the trade but the 15m version was looking downwards and the 5m version was on the zero line. 163 more words

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