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Sexuality is more than who you have sex with, it is the diverse and deeply personal feelings and attractions we feel towards other people. The way i see it, whichever side you pick you’re missing out on a large chunk of the world’s pleasure and or pain if you’re the 50 shades of freaky type. 708 more words

Reproductive Rights

Transgender Day of Remembrance, Nairobi Kenya

“Precarity […] characterizes that politically induced condition of maximized vulnerability and exposure for populations exposed to arbitrary state violence and to other forms of aggression that are not enacted by states and against which states do not offer adequate protection.

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[KENYA] Transgender Movement Planting Roots in Kenya

A transgender person who has sued the government to be recognized as a woman is fighting a group of Christian 93 more words

They know not . . .

Sometimes I wonder about the arrogance of some Christians. Take this case, for example, 381 more words

LGBT Issues

Audrey Mbugua is NOT a Man!


I’m busy sifting through emails and what do I bump into…


That’s the title that they’ve used in their story.

As in REALLY??!!

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[KENYA] Lawyers bid to join transgender case

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 – 00:00 — BY JILLO KADIDA

CHRISTIAN lawyers want to join a case filed by a woman seeking a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education national examination certificate that reflect her new gender. 121 more words