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Patronage as a research crowdfunding model

Meet Martin Pfeiffer. Martin uses anthropology to investigate nuclear weapons. That’s amazing, in and of itself. Even more interestingly, Martin is crowdfunding his research and… 1,475 more words

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Hoarding vs Curation in the Digital World

How big is your envelope?

A number of years ago, I bought this card thinking it was hilarious but then realized that you really can’t give this to someone unless they have a sense of humour about their hoarding problem which in all likelihood, they don’t. 1,251 more words


Educational technology in an age of Trump: a risk to students?

I find this suggestion by Audrey Watters extremely plausible. Full interview here.

I think that education data should be a top priority under the new Trump regime.

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Yet another on the Canvas....

I am jumping on board the Canvas-wagon along with many others in ECI834 such as Carla, Sarah, Nicole, and Andy. (I would love to say that was an intentional… 786 more words


The MOOC as a trojan horse

I’ve long had an ambivalent relationship to MOOCs. In principle, I don’t see anything wrong with the idea of distance learning of this sort and they are something that I’ve personally enjoyed in the past. 1,113 more words



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Back in August, … 339 more words

Leading Learning

I listen because your words compel me.

I listen because your voice enriches my life.

As you share your voice, through text, words, images, voice recordings or videos you add depth and meaning to what it means to be human.

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