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Microsoft's HoloLens: How these surgeons can now voyage around patients' organs

Using Microsoft’s HoloLens platform, researchers in Oslo have developed a way of turning traditional two-dimensional medical images into 3D augmented-reality models for planning surgery and navigating around organs during operations. 108 more words

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European scientists developing new Augmented Reality visor to improve accuracy of surgical interventions

Employing new photonics technology, European scientists are developing a new Augmented Reality surgical visor in a bid to improve accuracy of interventions, showing anaesthetic and medical data while superimposing a patient’s x-ray in perfect unison with their body, meaning surgeons never having to look away during an operation and surgery times reduced by over 20 minutes for every 3 hours. 89 more words


Philips Announces New Augmented Reality Spine Surgery Navigation Tech

Philips today announced a rather interesting new breakthrough navigation technology meant for minimally invasive spine surgery for use in their “hybrid ORs.” The ORs themselves are specialized for procedures like spine surgery and contain an integrated fluoroscopy unit with 3D reconstructions like that seen in technologies like the O-arm. 122 more words


Touch Surgery brings surgery training to Augmented Reality

Training surgeons on specific surgical procedures is expensive and hard. London-based Touch Surgery has created more than 200 training programs for surgical procedures to be completed on a mobile phone or tablet. 114 more words


4 Augmented Reality Apps That Will Reshape How Doctors Treat Patients

Augmented reality is the next great technological breakthrough. Pokémon Go, the hottest AR game, has been downloaded more than 100 million times with over 20 million active users, according to SurveyMonkey. 111 more words


Augmented and Virtual Reality in Medicine

The healthcare industry has enthusiastically adopted innovative technology, ranging from robotic pill dispensers to AI systems that organise medical data. Automated records, IoT, 3D printing and medicalised smartphones have all been explored as new technological avenues for use in the industry, giving patients more power over their own medical information, streamlining administrative processes and finding ways to overcome traditional problems. 92 more words


Virtual Reality and Education - 2025-Style

In his latest post Joshua Kim reviews Robert Scoble’s  and Shel Israel’s new book The Fourth Transformation. The first transformation was from mainframe computers and typewriters to personal computing. 100 more words

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