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Duke neurosurgeons test Hololens as an AR assist on tricky procedures

One of the several things that makes brain surgery so difficult is that the brain isn’t transparent. So if you want to get at something deep inside, you either have to peel off a few layers or make an educated guess based on other imagery. 155 more words


My forecasts for 2017

And the crowds roared.  And the people sang from the hilltops. And a lot of prognosticators wouldn’t stay it.  They wouldn’t admit it. That yes, they missed the boat.   2,531 more words


Proximie uses augmented reality application as part of telesurgery platform

Approximately two-thirds of the world’s population lacks access to many common, safe surgeries. One software company, Proximie, is using telemedicine to try to help fill that gap. 123 more words


Healthcare is getting into VR – here’s why that matters

As venture investors, my colleague Adam Seabrook and I look for frontier technologies that advance the practice of healthcare. One promising trend is the use of virtual reality to redefine the patient and provider experience. 198 more words


How Surgical Theater Changes The Way Neurosurgeons Operate

Dr. Robert Louis, a neurosurgeon at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Orange County, CA, is pitched some type of new technology, gadget or medication every day. 166 more words


International Dot Day 2016

International Dot Day, 2016, falls on September 15-ish.  I never feel like the school year has truly begun until we celebrate Dot Day.

Here are some of my past posts about Dot Day: 109 more words


What You Might Have Missed This Summer

Summer break is over – at least for many of the public school teachers in Texas who return to work today.  Of course, many of us never really stopped working over the last couple of months, fitting in workshops and lesson planning in between trips to the beach and afternoon naps. 409 more words