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Technology, Health Care and Holograms

Amid the hype, drama and overwhelming presence of bulletproof vests at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week, some notable people gathered on the premises to talk about something other than politics: technology and health care. 188 more words


Beyond Pokémon Go: Augmented Reality Applications in Healthcare

If you see people walking around acting bizarrely while staring at their smartphones, don’t be alarmed—they’re probably just hunting Pokémon, fictional creatures from a Japanese video game. 133 more words

Medical Technology

#FutureState - Resilience

I’m writing a series of essays exploring the future of organisations from different perspectives: social, technical, philosophical and practical. Today is another early stage #WorkingOutLoud piece as I think about resilience, specifically the ways that… 671 more words


Why Virtual Reality is the Future of Healthcare

Will 2016 be a year of virtual reality? This question has been discussed over the last six months in the major media outlets such as Fortune Magazine, BBC, Bloomberg, Venture Beat, and The Guardian. 151 more words


HoloAnatomy App Previews Use of Augmented Reality in Medical Schools

The Cleveland Clinic has partnered with Case Western Reserve University to release a Microsoft HoloLens app that allows users to explore the human body using augmented reality technology. 114 more words


Augmented and Virtual Reality in Medicine: 6 Applications We're Keeping Our Eye On

If talk of augmented and virtual reality brings to mind comically unfashionable goggles, a dearth of useful applications, and headache-inducing graphics, we’d understand. Until two or three years ago, we thought the same—they were technologies of the future and always would be.  156 more words

Medical Technology

How virtual reality is transforming healthcare

VR/AR is not only for gamers. Health care organizations have also been experimenting these technologies for years. They’ve taken a lot of steps so far. 60 more words