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Augmented and Virtual Reality in Medicine: 6 Applications We're Keeping Our Eye On

If talk of augmented and virtual reality brings to mind comically unfashionable goggles, a dearth of useful applications, and headache-inducing graphics, we’d understand. Until two or three years ago, we thought the same—they were technologies of the future and always would be.  156 more words

Medical Technology

How virtual reality is transforming healthcare

VR/AR is not only for gamers. Health care organizations have also been experimenting these technologies for years. They’ve taken a lot of steps so far. 60 more words


Robot doctors will 'absolutely' replace surgeons

It’s only a matter of time before robots replace surgeons in the operating theatre, according to cancer specialist virtual reality surgery pioneer Shafi Ahmed.

Ahmed is a leading proponent of virtual and augmented reality within operating theatres. 65 more words

Medical Technology

Making AR with Magic Leap

Creating #AugmentedRealty with the #MagicLeap program 🤖🛠 http://on.mash.to/1qJ9kto 👾🎨 #VirtualReality #tech #develop #cad


Magic Leap Intends to Replace all the Screens in Our Lives

Magic Leap hopes its technology will eventually replace our smart phones and all the other screens in our lives. In the future we may use eye-worn gear that will appear to place apps in the world around us.

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The Cognitive #StoryMakers Are Here

By Joanna Peña-Bickley & Alex Sinclair

The cognitive era has given way to a new generation of creators.  The Story Makers, they are the artist, creative technologists and experiences designers that are revisiting what it means to design for space and time through interactive experiences. 176 more words

Experience Design

FB's future of VR & AR

#Facebook talks about the future of #VirtualReality & #AugmentedReality 🤖🛠 http://bit.ly/1pcapZT 👾📲 #technology