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South Beach Cafe

SOUTH BEACH CAFE. 800 The Embarcadero, San Francisco. Open Daily.

Out near Pac Bell Park on the Embarcadero, South Beach Cafe is one of the forgotten jewels in the crown of the city’s restaurant scene. 220 more words

San Francisco

"Here, Use This To Buy Drugs."

Along as he walks, behind where I stalk
He’s there and there is where Sakura blossoms everywhere
A strong gust came out, my skirt just flew up… 249 more words


Mark 10. 31.08.08

31-8-08                                              Mark 10. 35-40                                                               239

This is by way of an interlude. While 237 is clear  exposition, my care for qualification in 238  will discourage the reader.Ah.hope ! 909 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

What takes place 30.08.08

30-8-08                                                what takes place                                                                  238

What took place seems to thwart the purposes we have set for its construction. The teaching of divine expression in natural presence, eschews mythic  self which would denies  natural self´s direct expression. 806 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

What makes it possible 29.08.08

29-8-08                                                        what makes it possible                                     237

We make the borrowed rite vital to the construction of Christian belief  It was the means of apotheosis,, how the man was made god, and  the means by which the believer took on the god son risen, himself impersonated his new god  the relation Paul has defined ,to die and rise with Christ.The new cult begins here.A transfer so vital had to have been conscious It was made by Jews ,Jews who sought in a pagan cult the means to transform as cult bonding the obliterated  relation with a living teacher,and with his teaching.Both perforce are transformed by cult apprehension of them.For some few Jews to take over what is not Judaic fo create the new relation to the absent teacher requires not alone freedom from  Temple cult and YHWH bonding. 565 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

Xians vs. Romans 24.08.08

24-8-08                                       Xians  vs.Romans                                       230

We have touched a  new theme and must thereby delay the rehearsal of the suppressed Hellenic base of Christain myth,rite, the form into which the mortal teacher was translated. 756 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett

The break 28.08.08

28-8-08         888                                       the break                                             235

The new Christian sect  comes into being on cult rite and its purpose absent from Judaism, what gives the lie to the current industery turning the new  religion into a Jewish sect that in the course of a century somehow became seprated from its source. 824 more words

Dr Curtis Bennett