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8/18/08 The Beginning

Prior to this entry, I had moved away from home for the first time, had suffered from acid reflux that summer, had had my mother express to me in a fit of anger and frustration that she didn’t think I could survive because I had no life skills, and had had a vaguely stressful move in, as my father always seemed to be needing to be calmed down by us so he did not have angry outbursts. 257 more words

August 2008

8/26/08 School starts

I’m starting to drift back into¬†that school obsessed mentality. I think I need to realize that works, of any kind, are not going to make me happy. 221 more words

August 2008

8/23/08 Mom

I slept from 12:30 to 10:30. It was nice :) God, I pray you’d guard my attitude when I’m with mom today. A lot of times, I forget I’m imperfect and can be really mean if I don’t have you. 220 more words

August 2008

8/21/08 Sheep

John 10:15

-As the father knoweth me, even so know I the father, and I lay down my life for the sheep.-

Jesus had complete knowledge of God + his goodness, so he willingly had complete self- sacrifice. 36 more words

August 2008

8/20/08 Friends

Jesus, I need help with my sore throat! It’s not going away because I talk to people so much (which is a good thing). The strangest thing is that I meet people not knowing if they’ll end up being my best friend or if I’ll never see them again. 391 more words

August 2008

8/19/08 The Roommate

Okay, okay. I guess I didn’t think this through. I am changing the names of all friends listed for their privacy. Also, if there is special formatting on the journal entry, I will also make note of it. 464 more words

August 2008