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In Search of LIFE Magazine - Jackson Pollock

About 10 years ago I saw the movie, “Pollock”.  I was interested in this movie as an art teacher and how I can use it into my instruction. 263 more words


Pitchford stock indexes climb over 1%

Continued economic growth despite strife in Iraq, Ukraine cited as reason for rally

The Pitchford stock indexes vaulted higher on Friday. Continued economic growth despite growing geopolitical discord is cited as the reason for the rally. 271 more words

PSI Results

Black Bananas & Shockwave Riderz at the Seaport Music Festival, Photo Gallery, 8 August 2014, NYC

Here are some photos from Friday’s Seaport Music Festival with Black Bananas and Shockwave Riderz.

I definitely loved Shockwave Riderz.  They reminded me of BRMC and the drums were intense. 63 more words


Sophia Love – August 8, 2014 Update – 8 August 2014 Wow!

Let’s look at the latest post from Sophia…actually, this is kind of a continuation of information from her previous post put right before this one!  So…in this article, Sophia gives information from the “GE’s” (Galactic Entities?) which provides more knowledge about the “demiurge” as well as important steps that can be taken by… 1,032 more words


(Prepared by the Armenian National Education Committee )

Fall of Ardzevashen
 (August 8, 1992)


The Soviet policy of “divide and rule” created ethnic enclaves (piece of land surrounded by foreign territory) under various pretexts, such as the incorporation in Azerbaijan of the highlands of the historically Armenian region of Karapagh as an autonomous region (the lowlands were directly annexed to that country). 350 more words

The Armenian National Education Committee (ANEC)

A tribute to cats

Since today is World Cat Day, and because I’ve lived most of my life with cats, I thought I would share some random pictures of our cats with you. 129 more words