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An Introduction to Psychoeducational Evaluations

Joseph Frey has maintained a private psychology practice in Augusta, GA, since 1989. Now focused primarily on providing consultations and psychological assessments, Joseph Frey of Augusta, GA, has conducted numerous… 202 more words

Joseph Frey

Competency to Stand Trial

As a privately practicing psychologist in Augusta, GA, Joseph Frey works closely with courts to provide forensic consultations and psychological assessments. On a number of occasions, Joseph Frey of Augusta, GA, has evaluated defendants to determine their competency to stand trial. 221 more words

Joseph Frey

Psychoeducational and Neuropsychological Evaluations of Children

Joseph Frey is a respected Augusta, GA, clinical psychologist who handles a wide range of domestic relations issues and evaluates people in court-ordered custody and visitation matters. 154 more words

Joseph Frey

Profile of the Individual Who Abuses

Dr. Joseph Frey practices clinical psychology in Augusta, GA, where he frequently conducts psychological evaluations for the court system. Experienced in sexual and physical abuse defense, Dr. 227 more words

Joseph Frey

2013: "These things just sometimes happen, you see?"

If you recall, oh intrepid reader, when we last left off, it was  mid-March of 2013.  After nearly passing out at work, I was in an ambulance, heading to University Medical Center in downtown Augusta, my heart apparently going wild. 1,101 more words

Lyme Disease

A First Communion

May 13th was a very exciting day around here. Samantha is our first to be able to receive the Sacrament of First Communion, and she could not have been more excited! 159 more words

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