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our street

I took some photos of our pretty street the other day when it was sunny out and then when it was rainy out. I think that both came out beautiful! 75 more words

yoga girls

Lately I have been following around a couple yoga girls with my camera capturing them and their crazy yoga antics. So much fun watching them try new things, there is a lot of yoga, laughter, and falling down :) ! 17 more words


October was a busy month in the Stone household. Rather than separating out each of the main events of the month into separate posts, I am saving time and energy with a bigger-than-normal update on the latest happenings! 443 more words

Augusta GA

The Walker

Only a couple weeks after his birthday and little Ronan is ready to show off a new skill! He was cautious in the beginning, just a step or two between furniture, but within just a few days, he was walking across the room! 92 more words

Augusta GA

Samantha the Ballerina

When sweet Samantha was 9 months old, she decided she was tired of just crawling around all the time. She was ready for something bigger and better. 263 more words

Augusta GA

Happy Birthday, Ronan!!!

There is a little boy, most often referred to as Rowdy, who just turned 1, and we couldn’t be prouder. He and the kids enjoyed a big celebration with Poppa and the gang: 79 more words

Augusta GA

Samantha Starts Second Grade

Can you believe it?? Our little Bean has started 2nd grade, and turning 7 is only a month away! Homeschooling is always a challenge, but this year has gotten off to a much better start than last. 260 more words

Augusta GA