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The Perfect Round of Golf; Hole 16

Good afternoon Everyone! Welcome to my account of Golf’s Perfect Round, where I have had the fortunate opportunity to combine the competitiveness, sportsmanship, comaraderie, passion and love for the world’s greatest game with friends who share the same characteristics and qualities. 2,316 more words


Perfect Round of Golf; Hole #15

Hello Golf Enthusiasts! Welcome to another account of my “perfect round” of golf, where I’ve been most fortunate to have played 14 holes with some of my closest and dearest friends–those who have shared parts of their life with me and allowed me to learn from them lessons can only be found on the pure, dew-swept fairways and greens of a golf course. 2,429 more words


Learning to Drive

Monday was a day of firsts.  One thing that wasn’t a first, though, was driving down Washington Road and making our way into Augusta National Golf Course.   676 more words

The Perfect Round of Golf; Hole 14

Hello Friends, Family, Followers and Newcomers to my blog from inside Butner Federal Prison Camp as I share my insights, perspectives, and perceptions to anyone who will listen . 2,158 more words


Sex Discrimination: Cult of Power

Sex Discrimination in Corporate America and What Can Be Done About It: Martha Burke, President of the National Council of Women’s Organizations, describes her involvement in the controversy over the male only Augusta National Golf Club and the greater dialogue of gender discrimination in the 21st century. 3,782 more words


This might be your best and only chance to get Masters tickets

Tickets to the Masters are notoriously difficult to get, and it’s not exactly a problem Augusta National is itching to solve — on the contrary. It’s by design that tickets are elusive because the Masters thrives off exclusivity, and it prioritizes the fan experience for spectators on the ground above everything else. 201 more words


Perfect Round of Golf; Hole #13

Thanks to all my great followers, and welcome to my “Perfect Round,” a golfing event that includes many of my favorite golfers who magically appear and join me for a round at the famed Augusta National. 2,458 more words