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Hidden Sounds of La Fontaine Médicis

LA FONTAINE MÉDICIS, or the Medici Fountain, is a monumental fountain in the Jardin du Luxembourg in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. I’ve been to it many times but early on a bitterly cold morning last week I went with a special purpose in mind, to record the sounds of the fountain. 761 more words


Unusual Summer Storm Blasts the Arctic

A rare summer storm blasted the Arctic this week, beginning off the coast of Alaska, and moving over much of the Arctic Sea for several days before dissipating. 257 more words


'Warrior Princess' Lucy Lawless Pleads Guilty to Trespassing

Actress Lucy Lawless, best-known for her title role in the fantasy TV series Xena: Warrior Princess, pleaded guilty Thursday to trespass charges for boarding an oil-drilling ship in an act of protest.  215 more words


Actress Lucy Lawless Arrested While Protesting Arctic Oil Drilling

Here’s a cause that could use some help from Xena. Actress Lucy Lawless and five others were arrested on Monday, three days after they climbed onto an oil-drilling ship to prevent it from making exploratory wells in the Arctic. 188 more words


Artist Renders Giant 'Melting Vitruvian Man' on Arctic Ice

Let’s face it: all Arctic ice looks about the same. Cold, and white, and deserted. But now, there’s one piece to watch. 202 more words


The Royal Couple, Westbound: Prince William and Kate Choose Canada for First Overseas Visit

No offense to our neighbors to the North, but whatever happened to the “special relationship?” 205 more words