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Forever Is Now

In terms of trending, I’m usually fashionably late to the party. That explains why I only just this past weekend saw the movie adaptation of John Greene’s “The Fault in Our Stars”. 510 more words


Former President Ramos: It's a Metaphor

I don’t know much about the Former Philippine President “Eddie,” but earlier this day when we watched a film about the former presidents of our country, I had the most fun watching Fidel Ramos’s part. 192 more words

Fictional Book Characters I Wish Existed

Often times I read a book and think “Wow I really wish guys like that existed!” The saying, “Boys in books are better” has become my motto lately because honeslty there’s just no one comparable to the characters that authors create. 196 more words

Daemon Black

Augustus Waters and the Cig

Cigarettes are bad, and we all know it. Heck, I’ve spent years hearing my Health teacher yell and scream at me, saying what it will do to my lungs, teeth, fingernails, wallet, and life. 193 more words


The Fault in Our Stars Quotable Quotes

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars. But in ourselves.”
-Cassius’ note, Hazel Grace

Here are some of the notable lines for me, immediately after I read it last year. 526 more words


Stray Thoughts #7

My inner thought while watching ”Divergent”: Oh, no! Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace are SIBLINGS???! This can’t be! *runs around like crazy*

LOL. Just sharing. I know nobody cares *flips hair* #feeltrip