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Where are my legions?

One of my favourite anecdotes from my study of ancient Rome is how Emperor Augustus, in times of stress, would stalk the corridors of his palace crying out  “Publius Quinctilius Varus where are my legions?” 396 more words


The Head of an Emperor

This handsome fellow is the ‘Meroë Head’ of the first Roman emperor Augustus. Made of bronze with piercing eyes of limestone and coloured glass, the portrait head measures 46.2cm in height. 390 more words


Video: Beauty Favorieten Augustus 2015

Vandaag heb ik mijn eerste youtube video voor jullie. Ik moet nog een beetje wennen aan het filmen, dus wees niet te streng! Wat zijn jullie favorieten van de maand augustus?


A short history of the first dynasty of Roman Empire

Augustus : First of his name , defeated the love birds Mark Antony and Cleopatra and turned the republic into empire
Tiberius : Assassinated a lot of people to make sure that he remains as an emperor… 20 more words


When in Rome... visiting the House of Augustus on the Palatine Hill

Last year Rome celebrated the 2000th anniversary of Emperor Augustus’ death. To commemorate the date, a series of special events and openings were launched in the Italian capital, including the opening of new parts of the ‘House of Augustus’ and ‘House of Livia’ on the Palatine Hill. 1,787 more words

Roman Art

Allan Massie, Augustus. A Emperor like no other... #books #greatreads

If you really like your Roman Imperial history, or would like to learn more, this is a great place to start.  Alan Massie’s novel on Augustus is both detailed and engaging, an excellent commentary on the man who probably did more to shape the Roman Empire than any other – high praise when you consider Julius Caesar is on that list. 417 more words


Dode man gevonden Amsterdam, opnieuw, één bericht

Het is bijna gewoon. Er wordt een dode man in Amsterdam gevonden. Er verschijnt één berichtje in het nieuws, zonder daarbij naam, woonplaats, leeftijd, doodsoorzaak. En daarna horen we er niets van. 854 more words