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Augusteum of Narona

Narona was an ancient city located in the Narenta Valley in present-day southern Croatia near the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina. The valley, home to the ancient Illyrian tribe, served as the route for the exchange of goods between the Mediterranean, theĀ Adriatic Sea and the Illyrian hinterland. 676 more words


The Secret of the Pantheon's Hole, Revealed

The stunning dome of the Pantheon (a monument built under the Emperor Augustus, later rebuilt by Hadrian in the first half of the II century AD) has inspired countless studies and also a few legends and curiosities related to its “oculus”, that single circular window (with a diameter of 9 m) which opens at the center of the titanic dome. 167 more words


The Life & Death of AUGUSTUS: 2,000 Years of Man, Myth & Reality...

Augustus is without doubt one of the most fascinating figures of history; and also one of the ancient historical figures we know most about because he left such clear marks on the world: politically, religiously, even physically. 4,917 more words
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Edward Gibbon on the consent of the soldiers

The insolence of the armies inspired Augustus with fears of a still more alarming nature. The despair of the citizens could only attempt what the power of the soldiers was, at any time, able to execute.

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Edward Gibbon on Augustus

In the consideration of the Imperial government, we have frequently mentioned the artful founder, under his well-known title of Augustus, which was not however conferred upon him till the edifice was almost completed.

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Edward Gibbon on the Imperial Government of Rome

To resume, in a few words, the system of the Imperial government, as it was instituted by Augustus, and maintained by those princes who understood their own interest and that of the people, it may be defined an absolute monarchy disguised by the forms of a commonwealth.

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Day 209

And the 200 mark quietly passed by unnoticed.

Dana goes back to work after Winter Break in… oh… about five hours. I do not envy her. 539 more words