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49: Turning it off

Not much has been happening lately. That makes me quite happy. Yes, happy.

Dana and I have played a few board games that have been sitting unopened for a couple of years. 717 more words


Mesék C. J. Caesarról (Ave) V.

Na itt az a híres utolsó rész. ENNEK ÖRÖMÉRE BENYOMTAM A CAPS LOCKOT. Inkább megint megnyomtam. De ne is húzzuk (vagy inkább nyomjuk) az időt, hanem olvassunk: 163 more words



 Tonight in exactly four weeks we will have dinner @ restaurant AUGUSTUS in Taunton with her Ladyship Mary Stewart-Wilson.

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My Documentation


Up early again. I’m trying to muster up the motivation to get back to taking care of the tasks that need accomplishing. To that end, I typed up a master to-do list in Google Docs, then made a duplicate for just the current priorities (things I’d like to get done by the end of summer). 292 more words



It’s 9:43am on a summer Wednesday. First I wrote “Tuesday” before realizing that wasn’t right. Dana is out and about doing work related stuff. Maddux is curled up on the bed next to my right knee. 917 more words


Day 40

It’s my birthday. Yup. Dana asked me what I wanted to do this year. I replied, “nothing.”

Really. I don’t want to go anywhere, have a special dinner, receive gifts, or have the day otherwise marked as “special.” … 454 more words