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Under Augustus’ imperial rule, the view widened beyond the city of Rome to include the empire, peace within the empire,

and the participation of all inhabitants, even including slaves, in the political and religious life of the city of Rome and the empire. 94 more words



III  2  The models

Rome provided two models for the search for an identity:

(1) Augustus’ imperial rule and (2) the formal restoration of the Roman republic. 40 more words


12Day 1 + 365

Ahhhh… after a year of not working, adjusting, and recovering, I feel good. A couple of thoughts hit me after taking a “morning shower” at 2:30pm. 1,992 more words


How did Augustus become the first Roman Emperor?

by Tim Harding

In 27BCE Gaius Octavius (‘Octavian’) in effect became the first Emperor of Rome, although this was not of one his official titles.  As part of this process, his name was changed by Senate decree to Augustus.  2,977 more words


Women and humour in history

Do men always get the best punch-lines?

I was once at a conference where one of the speakers illustrated his points about gender in ancient Rome by referring to a story about Winston Churchill and Nancy Astor. 631 more words

Extreme vetting catches three suspected terrorists

ROME (Ordinatio Fabula), December 26, 753 Years Since the Founding – A curious tale has emerged out of Judea province on the eastern coast of Our Sea. 514 more words