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The Hero Within

In the last few weeks I have read Andersonville, a story about the notorious Confederate prisoner-of-war camp; Augustus, a historical narrative exploring the life of the founder of the… 588 more words


Palace of Galerius in Thessaloniki

Parts of the Palace of Galerius can still be seen and visited for free in a square in modern Thessaloniki, though much if it is covered over  by the surrounding blocks of flats. 188 more words


The True Date of Jesus’ Death: Part IV: Year of Jesus’ Death: Chapter 1: Year of Jesus' Birth


As discussed in the previous blog posts on this topic, I decided to write an article on when Jesus died so I can shorten my other blog posts on Christian traditions by simply referring back to the article every time the topic comes up. 2,797 more words


Augustus: A Surprisingly Engaging Biography

When picturing a witty read, a biography is not typically what comes to mind. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting when I sat down to read Anthony Everitt’s third book, Augustus. 266 more words

Something different if you are into Academic discourse

I am itching to write something about the idiotic discourse in Canada at the moment based largely on ignorance on Niqab, Hijab and what else or on the Federal Election Campaign with the depressing campaign theme of Fear, Vengeance, War and Xenophobia but I won’t, I remember the words of my late mother who use to say to us children that in life when confronted with this sort of unpleasant dish it was better to take the high road. 745 more words

The Census of Quirinius

Even though scholars have been debating this for ages, I only found out about it a week ago. The basic problem of Quirinius’s census is this: the accounts of Jesus’s birth reference two irreconcilable dates (or do they?). 1,142 more words


March 22, 238: Gordian Angels

Romans got two emperors for the price of one, when in 238, Gordian I and II became father-and-son tag-team Caesars after an insurrection against Maximinus Thrax, a rather unpopular emperor who had come to the position by the popular tradition of assassinating his predecessor. 160 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac