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up my eccentricities / the Ides of March

        “The Death of Caesar“ (1798) 

               Vincenzo Camuccini


in looking up a requiem to commemorate 
the Ides of March, today, a date imprinted   449 more words

In Search Of Beauty



SPQR – A History of Ancient Rome by Mary Beard

Prologue: the History of Rome

There are many ways that histories of Rome might construct a fitting conclusion; some have chosen the conversion of the emperor Constantine to Christianity on his deathbed in 337 CE or the sack of the city in 410 CE by Alaric and his Visigoths. 3,702 more words


Day 619: Prepping for Road Trip 2018

While driving down to Dana’s… (my) … niece’s and nephew’s birthday party, Dana and I got to chatting about the work trips she’ll be taking this summer. 1,725 more words


Day 617

I had a few dreams that are lingering with me. Family ones, of course. That’s not all that strange. But the portion dealing with my one uncle from my mother’s side getting remarried and having to be part of the deception to keep him from getting gunned down by mafia hitmen while he put a Trumpesque amount of care into his own protection… well, that was kind of weird. 736 more words


The End of a Republic

Throughout history, Gaius Julius Caesar has been judged harshly for his heavy-handed administration of governmental affairs, his disrespect for the Roman Senate, and his autocratic bypassing of constitutional rules. 956 more words


Day 604

The above meme came up on my Facebook feed. Of course, I have seen it before; but, today, I had a reaction to it.

Don’t worry gun toting activists, I got the logical comeback covered: “But, teh Contitution don’t give anyone the rite to have ta drive a car or use asparin. 1,373 more words


The Villa of Livia (Ad Gallinas Albas)

The Latin name of the Villa is  Ad Gallinas Albas, (by the white hen) and it comes from a well-known legend.

On the day of her wedding with Octavian, an eagle dropped a white hen it detained in its clutches into Livia’s lap. 377 more words