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“Good fortune as much as political skill explains Octavian’s rise to power in Rome” How Justified is the claim with reference to the period 44BC to 36BC?

This question could connect to the A-Level by aqa; Classical Civilisations – Augustus.

Octavian’s rise to power over the period 44BC and 36BC saw dramatic fluctuation between good fortune and political skill as the main contributor to gaining power within Rome. 1,093 more words


Day 136

The weeks sure do fly by a lot quicker now.

This week has been incredibly unproductive, but I am satisfied. Battlefield 1 came out today, although I’ve been playing since Monday night thanks to a trial period and pre-order bonuses. 633 more words


Dynasty - Tom Holland

Dynasty is subtitled The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar.  It’s a very straightforward and clear account of the Roman empire during the hundred years straddling the birth of Christ,  the new starting date for time itself, the shift from BC to AD. 859 more words

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Morning Glories

M is admiring the wall cascading with morning glories. What a magnificent sight on that lovely day at the Augustus Gardens in Capri Italy.


Day 128

Most days I wake up not wanting to do anything. I like sleeping.

Most nights I don’t want to stop whatever it is I’m doing. I hate going to sleep. 460 more words


Day 1?? 

In New Jersey, a river away from Manhattan. Thoughts aplenty. Wanna listen to some Lou Reed.

My feet hurt. My calves burn.

Yet, I am content.



Day 114

Another night I wouldn’t mind sleeping, but it’s just not happening.

I spent much of the day yesterday in bed. The hours I was awake were spent suffering a severe bout of heartburn. 552 more words