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The Walking Dead: The Kingdom Leader Ezekiel

To say that The Walking Dead‘s season 6 finale was met with almost unanimous fan outrage would be putting it mildly. After weeks upon weeks of building towards the arrival of Negan and the brutal murder he was expected to commit, the episode ended on a cliffhanger which didn’t reveal the identity of Negan’s victim, sending viewers into an absolute tizzy. 390 more words


Roman engineering II: The Roman Temple of Évora (Portugal)

Republication from Following hadrian (by Carole Raddato)

The Roman Temple of Évora (Templo romano de Évora), also referred to as the Templo de Diana (although there is no basis in fact for this designation) is an ancient temple in the historic city of Évora, Portugal. 173 more words

'Can I Get Your Autograph?': A Short History of Signature Collecting

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with collecting the signatures of the Atlanta Braves baseball players. It was a point of pride to show my friends the signatures of John Smoltz or Greg Maddux, and they provided me with a little residual cachet. 1,726 more words

The best Roman Theatre in Europe

Provence has much to offer history buffs interested in the Roman Empire. Several monuments are as beautiful as they are well-preserved. Pont Du Gard overlooking the Gardon River, Arles Amphitheater, the Mausoleum of the Julii and Triumphal Arch at Glanum outside Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and The Roman Theatre of Orange are some of the most magnificent Roman buildings anywhere in the world. 855 more words

The Roman Empire

March 22, 238: Gordian Angels

Romans got two emperors for the price of one, when in 238, Gordian I and II became father-and-son tag-team Caesars after an insurrection against Maximinus Thrax, a rather unpopular emperor who had come to the position by the popular tradition of assassinating his predecessor. 160 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Things you Probably Don't Know about Augustus and Augustus Probably Doesn't Want you to Know

Augustus is, in a word, fascinating. Instead of launching into an abridged biography the way I did with Alcibiades and Mithridates, I’m going to talk about some hilarious fun facts about Rome’s  681 more words

Did Ovid Invent the Concept of Heterosexuality?

Ovid, known for timeless classics like the Ars Amatoria and Metamorphoses was an elegiac and truly Augustan poet in the 1st century BCE/AD. Some of his favourite topics to discuss in erotic collections like the  512 more words

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