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Tolkien Poetry Series: Aüle and Yavanna Kementári

Aüle  by L.T.

Aulë, the powerful  owner of the  substances of the Ambar,

One of the  Valar and husband to Yavanna Kementári,

A  master of work  and maker of gems and minerals, 164 more words


I: The Book of Lost Tales part 1, IV: THE CHAINING OF MELKO

In this chapter the tale is still told within the Eriol-framework, this time told by Meril-i-Turinqui. The text deals with limpë and the relation to long life and desires of elves and men as well as the relationship between the Valar and Melko.  553 more words

The Book Of Lost Tales

I: The Book of Lost Tales part 1, II: THE MUSIC OF THE AINUR (post 2/2)

This passage is basically the first part of the creation myth that Tolkien designed for the world he wrote about. It tells about how Ilúvatar sang the Ainur into being and how the world and elements became real. 746 more words

The Book Of Lost Tales

Imagery of Yavanna and Aüle

I thought it would be helpful to find some visuals of the Ainur so as to better understand how ethereal they are. Unfortunately the best artwork I have found of them has been on deviant art and the artist recently posted that she had been quite frustrated with people taking her work without permission or credit. 94 more words



Aüle is my favourite member of the Valar. He is the lord of Earth and metal, all things that Arda is made of. He is a smith, jeweler, and delights in the making of any thing however great or small. 117 more words


How I learned to stop worrying and love Morgoth

I read the Silmarillion seriously for the first time during my Chanukah vacation home in 2012.

I’d had the book for a few years and I’d thumbed through it occasionally to get to the good bits with Sauron and the Numenorians (hey, my boyfriend and I had a good Mordor roleplay going and we needed backstory-fodder), but I’d never actually finished it from cover to cover before that winter. 563 more words

Out Of Cacophonies