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Here's How Hillary Clinton Muddied the 9/11 War Declaration

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she wasn’t in favor of a specific declaration of war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria in Saturday’s Democratic debate, but she muddied the water over the powers of the post-9/11 war authorization against al Qaeda. 474 more words

World losing count of America's bombing campaigns on Muslims nations

Barack Obama, in his post-election press conference yesterday, announcedthat he would seek an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) from the new Congress, one that would authorize Obama’s bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria—the one he… 870 more words

US role in Syria brings push for Congress vote on new war powers

Keep their asses out of Syria. We don’t need to be involved in another war. Especially since Odumbass cut the military. Members of Congress talk tough against extremism, but many want to run for cover when it comes to voting on new war powers to fight the militants, preferring to let the president own the battle. 642 more words

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America's Non-representative War Government

By Sheldon Richman | Free Association | November 3, 2015

“The success of government…,” the late historian Edmund Morgan wrote, “requires the acceptance of fictions, requires the willing suspension of disbelief, requires us to believe that the emperor is clothed even though we can see that he is not.”

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My Pet Goat

That Trump fellow sure is making things interesting with his recent statements. “Say what you want, the World Trade Center came down during his time.” … 897 more words

Rational Security, Episode #34: "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend" Edition

Gen. David Petraeus has a new plan for fighting ISIS. Is it smart or utterly nuts? A new article takes us deep inside the mind and menace of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-declared “caliph” of the Islamic State.   64 more words

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Judge Contradicts Obama’s Declaration of the End to the War on Terror

United States District Court Judge Royce L. Lamberth, in his decision dated July 30, 2015, in the case of Mukhtar Yahia Naji Al Warafi vs. Barack H. 586 more words