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Top U.S. General: ‘I Do Not Have Authority’ to Offensively Attack Taliban

Breitbart, by Edwin Mora, Feb. 2, 2016:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. military, since President Obama declared that American troops had ceased their combat mission at the end of 2014, has only been able to attack the Taliban from a defensive position, the top commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan told lawmakers. 576 more words

Counter Jihad Report

POTUS to get unprecedented war powers; ability to declare global martial law

“This resolution is a total rewrite of the War Powers Clause in the U.S. Constitution,” – Sen. Chris Murphy, (D-Conn)

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... His Lordship ' s Request for an AUMF ?? [#bombing][#gop]...

.. you wonder why ?? …

.. in the GOP ‘ s case , they simply do not trust him .

.. they want him to ” step up to the plate ” and make the case for the AUMF . 76 more words

Personal Opinion

Obama's 23 Executive Actions to GRAB YOUR GUNS

As I am sure we all know by now, there is a massive governmental conspiracy led in hand by the left wing to register all the guns in America and confiscate them – systematically disarming the entire American population as to then usurp power from the people and in turn implement tyranny and Communistic slavery. 1,818 more words

Obama Searches for Sensible Congress to pass AUMF

Can we stop talking about how Barrack Obama is the worst president and start talking about how he could actually be the best if we didn’t have perhaps one of the worst Congresses right now? 624 more words