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Rational Security, Episode #14: The "Who Am I and What is Jonathan Rauch Doing Here in Our Studio?" Edition

This week on the show, the gang welcomes special guest Jonathan Rauch, Brookings fellow, journalist, and longtime friend. On the agenda:
Cyber attacks are way more damaging than we previously thought. 88 more words

Rational Security


Robert Glasper is probably the most known unknown artist of recent times. His sound is a mixture of R&B, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop. Hailing from Houston, Tx his sound is the new standard in contemporary fusion jazz. 135 more words

Anti-War Rally Marks 12th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

“No new authorization for military force”

What: Anti-war Rally Downtown Syracuse Will Mark 12th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
When: Thursday, March 19, 5:00 pm
Where: Downtown Syracuse, Clinton Square, Corner James and Salina… 196 more words

Syracuse Peace Council

Democrats Move Away From "Political Liability" Obama -- "There appears the possibility of a rapid White House collapse over the next two years"

By J.T. Young

As Obama leads Democrats into his final political battles, they are understandably nervous. Obama has cost them plenty and may still cost them more. 885 more words

Congress Approaches Stalemate on War Authorization

As Congress begins to debate a war authorization, it’s become obvious that the debate has become a Goldilocks story without the “just right” part. Republicans think the President’s approach to an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) is too restrictive and Democrats think it’s too open-ended and vague. 898 more words


‘Bibi was right’: John Kerry admits at Senate hearing, 'we are not negotiating a legally binding plan' with Iran

At the Senate Foreign Relations hearing on Iran and ISIS, Secretary of State John Kerry finally admitted what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Senate Republicans have been saying all along: any deal President Obama signs with Iran is “not legally binding”: 349 more words

US Politics

The use of force: old political fault lines but a new context for US policy

Originally published in Aspenia Online of the Aspen Institute Italia

On February 24th, Islamic State fighters abducted more than a hundred Assyrian Christians from a town in northeastern Syria, the latest in a spade of increasingly bold attacks by the extremist group, whose reach has moved beyond that country and Iraq to also include parts of Libya. 1,460 more words

The Obama Administration