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Scavenger Hunt Adventures

Now that summer vacation has arrived, there is so much time to help preschoolers have adventures and explore the nature around them! One of the best and most fun ways to achieve this is to have them engage in a Scavenger Hunt. 146 more words


To My Sister Who Helped Raise My Daughter

This is for the woman who helped me raise my child when the father was nowhere to be found. You didn’t have to and I hope you know that. 390 more words

Being an Aunt to a Niece

One of my greatest pleasures is being an aunt to a niece. It’s so much fun! Here are some examples of what it’s like being an aunt to a niece! 411 more words


Person of the Month: Cheryl-Ann Husbands

I’m so numb when I hear about someone’s death. There’s a part that wants to cry, a part that dies inside and a part that said they will be alright in the afterlife. 518 more words


Full time Auntie

To be true to the tagline of my blog – let me tell you my stories – I’m writing about this for the first time – about being a hands on Aunt. 823 more words


"Do it if you Love me"

Hearing these words makes me want to scream,

And doing what you want is testing my dreams.

I hate being forced and even more so when you use these words, 105 more words