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Ender Wiggin Versus My Former Classmate AK | My Aunt ME Versus My Former Classmate AR In A Street Fight?

Once again I have to rush to type a post, and once again I remembered these dreams using some of Lost Truth’s advice that she gave on her post  1,184 more words

Dream Journal

Section two; Three Day Road

In reading the second third of “Three Day Road” I focused on archetypal perspective. This theory states that characters fall into typical behaviours and follow predictable patterns.            458 more words

One year in baby central

I’ve never done this before, but then again until one year ago I was never an Aunt either. Today, I’m not writing about running or cooking or surprise trips to the doctor’s or even peanut butter (although my supply is running low). 1,283 more words

Werthwhile Thoughts

Christmas Shopping...For A Baby

Nope. I’m not pregnant if that’s what you were thinking. I’m Christmas shopping for my boyfriend’s first nephew. He is the cutest baby ever and I adore him even though I haven’t met him in person and he is not related to me in any way. 150 more words

Letter to My Teenage Niece

Dearest girl,

When you were starting middle school, we all groaned, because most of your aunts and uncles attended that same middle school. I told your uncle JJ to not talk about it – “Don’t scare her,” I said. 439 more words

Mental Illness

The Journey to (God)Motherhood

About a month ago, I finally fulfilled my life’s prophecy-I became not only an aunt but a Godmother. I was absolutely thrilled but I also thought, “Sheesh, it’s about time someone asked me to Godmother their child!” I mean, I feel like I am a pretty holy person since I went to a catholic grade school, high school and college, AND now I work for a Catholic school. 1,742 more words


Haiku Sunday #10 "Great"

California girl

We both have a lion heart

Great aunt, better friend