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Throwback Thursday: Wonderful Wednesdays

“Ok, here’s the deal. You keep teaching me soccer tricks, and I’ll teach you karate moves.”

I’m convinced that the best title anyone could have is AUNT. 524 more words

I am an Aunt

This is me and my niece, Serenity.

She is honestly my life and has been since I was 14.

My sister got pregnant when she was nineteen and unfortunately the dad and her did not work out and so Serenity became a huge part of all of our lives. 216 more words


Dear Aunt Oby

just so you know…

since you left us, our hearts have being beating in half-mast, calls and messages keep coming in because many do not want to believe you are gone. 83 more words


and then, the best day of my life, so far...

today there have been tears; happy tears, excited tears, I love you tears, and mournful tears.

It started when my younger sister, Emily, and I went to the hospital to visit our older sister, Chelsie, who was in labor. 213 more words



She unlocks the car with a beep. The little boys tug at the door handles.

‘Max, stop shoving me!’

‘I’m not shoving you! It’s Nico!’ 488 more words

Creative Writing

July 29, 2015 | Dream Journal

There was more to this dream in the beginning and during other parts of the dream that I can not remember now, and all that I can remember of this dream now is that during one part of the dream my aunt VE was given gifts like it was maybe her birthday. 658 more words

Dream Journal

Journal #49 - Three Important People

Topic: Who are the three most important people in your life?

My mom, my dad, and my aunt (?)

This is a tricky question. There are a lot of people in my life who hold significant standing. 84 more words