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There's A Lot Of Moms

There’s a lot of moms who cry on Mother’s Day.

There’s a lot of kids who will be wishing for their mom on Mother’s Day. 151 more words

Life Chatter

Tell me something wonderful!

One of my earliest memories of my aunt was when I was three or four years old. She would tell me stories about a fairy named Matilda that lived in a thimble under her bed. 1,339 more words


The no-no list... Part 1

About 12 years ago, I remember going around my city with my ex husband’s little sister, a man riding his bike came from behind us and said one of those nasty things that only nasty men can say, not minding the presence of a child; so I said: … 489 more words


Auntie time

Auntie time with my oldest niece Olivia. Being on snapchat and using filters and record videos. Funny and a lot of laughter.

I just wanted to show up and post this to show that I’m alive. 16 more words


Silver Frames and Silk Scarves

My aunt died a few weeks ago. She had been in the memory unit of an assisted living facility, and for months, wavered between being alert and hallucinating. 558 more words


30th April 2016, Captain's Log

My watch strap has broken. OK, not exactly the end of the world, but very annoying, and a reminder of how much I rely on being able to glance at my wrist and know what time it is. 770 more words


Pictures to Follow

The grebes are nesting, but not next to das Boot. This year they have chosen a spot on the river. I watched them busy collecting material. 862 more words