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Bloom Baby

When she was born, my niece, Sarah, was itty bitty. She is a twin, and they were so early that she was this teeny little pink baby who was far too little for her pink clothes. 1,009 more words

On Being A Woman

New addition to the family

A few days ago my aunt gave birth to a baby girl.

I woke up in the morning and the first thing I always do is, check my phone. 340 more words


Stack of Uncles

by Joe Bedford

It was a three-uncle job. Strictly no aunts.

“Uncle-stack!” I had suggested, my father stumped, expecting something more mundane. But no; there would be no toy cars, no pyjamas or pogo-sticks. 275 more words

Flash Fiction

A Gentler Approach

Oh how do I love my Aunt Bernadette. She is my father’s eldest sister and I often describe her as the epitome of female perfection. The respect I have for her as a person far surpasses the respect I have for my mother and father combined, not that I love my parents any less. 365 more words


Bring It Down 

so, it’s Measure Myself Monday, and by measure myself I mean get on that devil scale and see where my weight is at. I was actually pretty farking surprised when I got on it today. 346 more words


Guest Post: The Cool Aunt

Cool Aunt and Chatterfriend, Misti Buard. Every quarter or so I have the desire to babysit my now seven year old nephew for an entire weekend. 289 more words

Childhood memories revisited

Childhood. Memories of childhood are often stories we heard over and over again, told about things we did, things we said, events that happened. Some of them are probably real memories, but I presume that among them are those that we don’t actually remember, though we have heard the story so many times that it appears like we do. 803 more words