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As your Aunt

As your aunt I promise to be the keeper of your secrets. To be there when you need to be picked up. From the day you are born, to the day I die, ¬†I will help you understand life’s mysteries. 80 more words

Why Don't They Ever Like Crumbs?!?

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(CRUMB)…”

I really must have to admit this: My uncle and my aunt(as well as my cousins) are somewhat a group of neat freaks, and I think that they do not like the fact that they do not like crumbs being left on the floors of their house…I mean, it’s not just only me, but probably my two cousins can leave crumbs on the floors of the house at times. 310 more words


Uncle Who? Aunt Wassat?

This really isn’t going to be a “mom” post so much. Although, it is directly affected by my being a mom and it’s been bugging the hell out of me. 624 more words


Friday Photo of The Week

Welcome to life, Alvah. I am so excited to meet you and to get to know you. I feel such gratitude that you are here. I love you already more than I thought I could love someone. 11 more words

Sept. 21, 2017 - First Post

Parenting is hard. And before anyone makes any comments like, “no one said it was easy”, or “I told you so”, I’m not here to admit I was mistaken about it. 194 more words


Miracle Diets

Okay so my mom heard from my aunt who spoke to a random lady on the street about a new fad that is taking over. Apparently if you drink tomato juice and sparkling water you’ll lose weight! 18 more words

Queen Of Procrastination 

I know I should be grading labs, but instead I’ve looked at apartments (not moving until next fall), checked Instagram too many times to count, and gone on Pinterest, I never use Pinterest. 29 more words