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Lessons for Gavin: Volume 1 Friendship

My nephew is like a pure source of happiness. I will see him and immediately smile as he runs up to give me a hug. Like most children, he is totally innocent, gullible, happy, funny and approx. 480 more words


#FQS1930FarmersWife, Week 1

1. ¬†The formula for creating almost straight-up quilting pandemonium is as follows: ¬†great quilt book in limited supply + 3(quilty sponsors) + x(sewlebrity blog posts) = Facebook group with over 4,000 members pledged to completing the (99) 6.5″ blocks over the next year. 432 more words

Make It Like You Mean It

The Memory of My Aunt

The memory of my Aunt is locked away,
Gleaming like a precious stone on the beach of my mind.

Her unabashed humour and steady voice filled my childhood, 27 more words

Hannah Williams

Time for Gratitude: Day 133

Today I’m grateful for the sweet sound of my two year old niece saying, “Thank you Nina”. It’s one of the very sweetest sounds imaginable and it’s one of her very first phrases learned.


Even crows need to eat

This morning I saw a crow at my window. It squeaked with its sturdy peak as if it was unhappy with the bird food it found. 140 more words


October 3, 2015 | Dream Journal

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point in the dream I was at E Manor, for some unknown reasons my aunt JE and younger versions of my female cousins ME and RE (two of her daughters) were there, and my aunt JE was watching movies in the living room; and my cousins ME and RE were in a fictional room playing with toys. 549 more words

Dream Journal

Memoirs of An Undertaker

Oh yes I do remember when we buried poor aunt Jean
She’d gone from a size 0 up to a size 14
That’s why we told the family we didn’t think it best… 222 more words