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Birthday party

We celebrated my aunt’s birthday at Wistaria, in Sierra Madre. The food never stops on Thanksgiving weekend.


Number 20

For my 20th post, I’m going to talk about something that I’ve only ever mentioned in therapy; until yesterday. For the first time in my life, someone took the time to sit down, and ask me real questions about how I feel about my immediate family, and how certain things in my past have shaped me; well, someone outside of a therapist. 1,171 more words

Finding Yourself

Zia Mariannella, Ma’s Birth, and the Nice German Soldier

The first time I met Zia Mariannella, she insisted on feeding me, even though I’d just come from a dinner where I had been stuffed to my eyeballs. 142 more words


Auntsane Volume 1

We all have a crazy family member where we just wonder, “What in the world happened to make them lose any sort of thought process?” Well, if you don’t, then I am honestly envious of you. 299 more words


Left Field

Not all surprises are good surprises. Sometimes, a matter of days before Thanksgiving, you’re told that your aunt has stomach cancer. It just comes up out of left field and then its there staring you in the face, and you’re there staring it in the face, unable to react and not exactly sure what to do next. 334 more words

The Story So Far

The Working Aunt

So…I have been unbelievably busy with my new job. I am currently working the graveyard shift, and it has been a bit of a challenge. I love the job. 195 more words

My Life

Aunt, a poem

I worked out, a month or two ago, that I’m the same age now as my aunt when she died. So this is hers.

Aunt… 111 more words