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If I Could Sew Your Lips

I’ve been living a relatively quiet and content life since Anderson came into the picture. Honestly, most of the bullshit has stopped – but I can’t really say that everything has been perfect. 673 more words



I had my final two vaccinations for when I go to Egypt this morning. I met a friend after, and we went for breakfast in a little café/restaurant place around the corner. 117 more words

Oh How the Years Fly

Being an aunt is the best. ever. This little guy turns 1 today – and what a fun, exciting, and adorable year it has been. And it flew. 16 more words

Tickled Tuesday

1 Word.... MACAU! 

Dear Family and Friends,

Well a lot of stuff went down last week we got a referral and it turned out to be Elder Wongs mom’s cousin and well she recognized him right away and it turns out she is a lost sheep from about 20 years back. 494 more words


Be Still My Heart

I want to start off with photos of Henley! I could honestly just sit and stare at her for hours. I’ve never seen anything more perfect in my entire life. 75 more words



Today was another one of my ‘catch up on all the sleep and YouTube videos that i’ve missed’ days. It rained pretty much constantly, so it was one of the best days for it really… My mum was looking at things to do for her birthday this evening; we may be going on another ghost hunting experience night at the end of May… We did one just after my 18th birthday with my aunt, cousin and some friends, and it was amazing. 72 more words