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The Day That Came Too Soon and That Random Thing That Happened.

I stared at the funeral director.

I know you.

I was in a grave yard, on my 32nd birthday, saying one final goodbye to my Grandmother, my soul mate, but… 478 more words


Lovely Porridge Aunty from Bukit Merah View

Maybe I have a “talkable” face but I have many encounters with strangers on a regular basis. I thought I’ll record the more interesting and endearing ones. 470 more words


Ashok ni repu chesina sujatha aunty... Part-01

నా పేరు అశోక్, నా 17వ ఎట ఎల సెక్స్ కి పరిచయం అయ్యనొ .. ఎల ఒక ఆంటి చేత రెప్ చెయించొకొబడ్డనొ .. ఆ తరువత జరిగిన కొన్ని సంఘటల మీద ఈ కధ సాగుతుంది..


The cost of love

I moaned out loud to my nephews that the reason that children go free to Legoland “on selected dates” is because it’s about fifty quid per adult to go. 467 more words

A Date With My Good friend’s Sister In Theatre

This all about my romantic day with my woman good friend; a quick intro about me I’m slightly darker however appears engaging (my associates use to say) I’m Kumar from Chennai working in an IT firm in OMR street. 1,468 more words

Hindi Sex Stories

Dearest Aunty Pacy

There are times in ones life when the things that are important just slip out of your mind conveniently. And you think that if you don’t think of them you are opening yourself to a world of happiness and blissful ignorance. 535 more words

In The Kitchen

Hippo birdies

My gorgeous Little Sister {Love Bug’s gorgeous Aunty } is having a birthday today.

Hippo birdies two ewes.

We love her to the moon and back.