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Dear _____ .. 2/5

Dear Sister..

I wan’t to say thank you –

Thank you for being there for me so often. As your older sister, I feel like things should be the other way around sometimes – you coming to me when you are feeling overwhelmed or at your lowest, calling just to ask where mom is, or if you can come over. 291 more words


Dream diaries





The entire family were together as if it were a family reunion. We all were participating in a marathon against each other, but there were Pitt stops which was called “distractions!”. 89 more words


Week 19: Mothers Day/52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

A more recent post for this week’s challenge! I am reminded more and more of how lucky I am to be surrounded by an amazing network of ladies, all of which have played a part in my growing up. 279 more words


Dream diaries





My godmother Lea came over for a quick visit looking for Sheldon; she asked ”where is he”? I replied ”he’s not here, why”?. She said oh just tell him i said “hi and give him a kiss from me”!.


పక్కింటి ఆంటీ పూకు గుల తీర్చ

ఈ ఆంటీ తెలుగు సెక్స్ స్టోరీస్ లో నేను మా ఇంటి పక్కన ఆన్గ్తి ని ఎలా మేనేజ్ చేసి దేన్గానో మీకు చెప్తాను. మీరు కూడ మీ ఇంటి పక్కన ఆంటీ పూకు ని దెంగి చుడండి చాలా బాగుంటుంది.


Proverbs 31: the gracious, wise and BOSS woman

Proverbs 31:10-31

A popular scripture, shared on Mothers Day in the Christian faith; a beautiful poem told from husbands to their wives in Judaism tradition on Sabbath. 1,240 more words

Mother Hood


My friend John from Chicago has many Aunties called Zia (Tia means Aunty in Spanish) and his favorite  (though he has other favorite Aunties too) has an apple tree here that has just come into blossom. 484 more words