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Today you get to meet a person I have known all my life. My Aunty Deb.  I have a million memories of my childhood with her.   1,226 more words

Diary of a Nice Kid #9: Story Time

On Sunday mornings Mom watches Mahabharat. Last Sunday there was an old man lying , on a lot of arrows in the middle of the battlefield. 618 more words


Don't be rude

I alight from the train and walk towards the stairs, one aunty clearly in a hurry brushes past me almost pushing me on another aunty. Aunties be dangerous so I keep calm, I understand that she is probably late for something. 455 more words

Tumble Tuesdays

True Association never dies

Dinner time and we didn’t know where to go. We wanted a simple dinner, nothing too fancy, but good nonetheless. Driving through the city, I called up a friend for pointers on decent places to go to, considering our pocket and taste. 603 more words

Everyday Life


There is a reason why a name exists for everyone on a family tree. It is because of the chaotic nature of human beings that distinguishing who is who is very important. 1,087 more words


Meeting my favourite Aunt.

When I was released from hospital I was over the moon. But things were still rough after I was out of hospital. I still had nightmares, heard voices & felt things that weren’t there. 294 more words

Mental Illness

Aunty of the Year

I’m aiming for the Aunty of the Year award for 2016. I already spoil the little goober past all recognition, but is that enough? His parents think not – they’ve asked me to do something I’ve never done. 402 more words

The Story So Far