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Woman “Felt It Was Time” To Become A Stay-At-Home Aunt

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Sylvia Peters’ biological clock is ticking and she is getting her sister to do something about it.

The 33 year-old single woman announced at a recent family get together she was now ready take on the roll of auntie. 356 more words


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Momma and her sister, my Aunt Sally

Sister love knows no limit

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I'm an Aunty!

I have two boys, J and T, who I love with all my heart.  I wouldn’t change them for the world.  On Monday, I became an Aunty to a beautiful baby girl.   967 more words

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Auntly Made To Pay

My name is Gabhi, 19 yrs of age. I had some bad habits, the most severe was that of betting in IPL matches. During last season of IPL I lost massively. 1,195 more words


First blog post

Welcome to my blog, my name is anonymous Daisey   and this blog  is about being a mother, a aunt, a lover and an all round woman. 1,089 more words


ඔයාගේ Phone එකෙත් සල්ලි කැපෙනවද Company කාරයන්ට ඔයාලගෙ සල්ලි ගසාකන්න ඉඩදෙන්න එපා

Mobitel Horu

මෙ දවස් වල මොබිටෙල් අයට නම් ගොඩාක් අපල කාලයක්

මගේ 4න් 1 ගේම් 1ක් ඔන් වෙලා ඒක අයින් කර ගන්න ඕකුන්ට කෝල් ගන්නවා ගන්නවා ගන්නෙර් නැහැ රීන්ග් වෙනවා විතරයි.කෝල් 1 ඉවර උනාම සල්ලි කැපෙනවා.යකෝ උන් කතා කලෙත් නැහැ.මොන ලෝකෙද රීන්ග් වෙනවාට සල්ලි ගන්නේ. 21 more words

We Are Family! I Got All My Sis- Oh, Wait...

Being a part of a big family definitely has it’s pros and cons, but then again, that comes with any family, no matter the size. 774 more words