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Proposal Disaster

So, I went to a close relatives funeral last month. It was a loss for the whole family. What I did not realize was that through this hard time I will manage to laugh out loud. 208 more words


Healings with Aunty Alison

Alison journeyed down from Alice Springs earlier this year to to some beautiful healings in Melbourne and speak and share her art. We were lucky enough to connect, listen, heal and spend time on country with Alison. 71 more words


I consider my nieces as daughters. I share their laughter and joy. I also cry with them whenever they have to. My shoulders are always there for them to lean on. 534 more words


Uncle?? wtf!

I’m only 34, but kids are already calling me ‘uncle’. I mean what theĀ fuck!! Okay.. I understand a few strands of my hair have turned… 385 more words


Aunty Giving Bath to Young Boy - matineemasala

Mallu #Aunty Giving Bath to Uncle
As he grows older, his mother witnesses changes in his behaviour that stresses her. How will #Mother tackle these changes and preserve the pristine bond between mother and child?


Doctor diaries - English Vinglish in the hospital.

Though the English left India 70 years ago, their language and its symbolization as superior and powerful has continued. It is a rare parent who does not beam with joy when his child speaks some English. 934 more words

Doctor Diaries