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The Little Jar

I’ve been neglecting my little page a bit lately but a stressful few days have gotten me in the mood to sit and write something. There’s something about getting motivated and creating a thing that didn’t exist before I sat down and started typing, that always manages to make me feel a bit better. 1,127 more words


God Save the Marriage of Broda Lúkú and Aunty Wòsílá

God save the marriage of
Aunty mi wòsílá who never saw
And broda mi lúkú who looked
And looked but saw nothing

God help them… 156 more words


The End of an Elephant's Tail

This wee poem was made following a writing exercise started at a poetry workshop today.  The workshop was ‘Sparking Ideas from Science’ given by Emily Dodd… 85 more words



I’m walking home from work, very tired and eager to hug my pillow. I know I will be too lazy to eat but I dream of food anyway. 700 more words


Celebrating Mma Sana: A Woman Who Made No Headlines (Perhaps, Except This One)

It was an early morning in 1997 and my siblings and I were woken up to prepare for school. Only this time, it wasn’t my mum who woke us up. 2,105 more words


Every country on this planet know that Indians are famous for three things-tech support, zero and spices. But the real Indian, who makes up the heart and soul of our great nation, resents these stereotypes. 593 more words

Aunty Henrietta

She pushed me to the wall,i laid there helpless as i tried to raise my hand but i couldn’t, it seemed to me like my body was failing me, like a door every of my senses were shutting down, it seemed aunty Henrietta had drugged the juice, she owns this big boutique at the entrance of our street, she should be in her mid thirties and had this face that never gets old, i have heard free rolling gossips on the street and sometimes from my mum as she would force her huge backside into a tight jean trouser and then shake them like two bags of beaten against each other, mum said its her wayward lifestyle during her youthful age that confined her to spinsterhood even as she is very beautiful, to me i felt everybody was being jealous of a woman who had chosen to live her life how she wants, to them she might be weird but being under a man doesn’t define how successful a woman is, so i have said to myself and though i know that would be a ‘speech of shame’ if i was to share a piece of my thoughts to my mum. 1,940 more words