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Girls in Bathtub

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Sharon Maree

Monday night was a rather long night with my grandson being taken to hospital in an ambulance with Croup. As always when I am on ‘Granny duty’ I don’t like to sleep on the job so try to stay awake as long as possible. 1,440 more words


Brother and Sister Relationship Ruined by Alcohol

Alcohol can lead a person to commit the unthinkable..that is the message of this Oriya film which revolves around the Oriya festival of ‘Bhaijutiya’, in which the sister fasts for the brother and prays for his well being. 8 more words


” Aunty aunty!! May I be excused?!

এই Aunty আবার কে রে?? ওরম বাচ্ছাদের মতো ‘Aunty’ বলবে না এবার থেকে। You’ve grown up. Learn to say Ma’am. 311 more words


Disney On Ice!

I don’t know how everyone else’s weekend was but mine was an absolute cracker! “Why?”, You ask. Well my childhood (adulthood) dream came true. 960 more words

What's this 'Once Removed' relationship about, anyway?

So, here’s this little person in your life – young, unformed, with their own personality but open to many and varied influences as they grow.  Each of these influences melds to a larger or smaller extent over time to form a maturing child, and the values that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives … You want very much to be a positive part of this process; helping, supporting – part of the shaping really.  210 more words


The Adventures of Aunty Z & Kyas

Okay, so this is not going to be a short read. However, I can guarantee that it will be an entertaining one. As was my day today with my baby Nephew, Kyas! 1,023 more words