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This is Carnarvon !

Hey Guys !
I think it’s time to show you a bit more about my surrounding. For the next 6 month I will call a little city in Western Australia my home, Carnarvon. 313 more words


week 7 

¬†okay first off, I apologize for the over load on posts. this week I started classes and so My posts weren’t spread out like I normally do! 1,670 more words


A Boy and His Zombies

I got a college degree in early childhood education and it’s actually been pretty helpful in being an Au pair! I know how to help with homework easily, get along with kids, and trick them into doing what I want by letting them think it was their idea: Education 101. 360 more words

A moment of gratitude

If I was to sum up my Italian experience in one word so far I would say…crazy. I have learned and grew so much in every aspect of my life. 377 more words


it looks like you have a lot of free time!?

so my grandmother asked me this question not too long ago and then this past weekend my mom asked “so do you even work or are you just an official tourist!?” hahah. 236 more words


The Australia Happiness Project - Day 2

The powers that be on this blog (i.e. me) have decided to conveniently ignore the fact that I skipped a day, and jump right in with day number two of my wonderful Aussie life. 387 more words


I'm Doing Me

I want to be married. I want to be a wife, a teacher, a stay at home mom. I want a little boy that will be a complete momma’s boy. 592 more words