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Packing your life into a suitcase (or two)

So, last week I moved to Germany, where I plan to live for six months whilst I work as an au pair. As I studied abroad a few years ago, I’ve had experience having  to pack several months’ worth of belongings into two bags, and I was determined to do better this time. 493 more words


Weekend in Boston

From September 16th till 18th I was in Boston to visit my Dutch friend, Daphne. The first time I met her in real life was on August 1st, at the airport. 653 more words

Au Pair

Making the most of time

So in my recent post My year so far… I spoke about extending my time here in California and how I am going to make the most of my time. 211 more words


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We all like to think we are special, that is our one and only comfort when we feel too fucked up and we see our inner thoughts colliding, we find solace on the thought that we must be this way because we are special, because we are more, because we are different. 502 more words


¡A La Playa!

My first view of Seville was blue skies and blazing sunshine. After waiting an eternity for my luggage to come off the plane I went out to meet my host family….. 1,016 more words


The week of the 'canicule'.

French for heatwave, the canicule meant that week four was largely spent trying to stay as still as possible in fruitless efforts to keep cool, before inevitably taking a dip in the kids paddling pool. 948 more words


Labor Day Weekend -Das Wochenende meines Lebens !

Kennt ihr das, wenn ihr einfach nur noch lächeln müsst, wenn ihr vor freude nur noch tanzen könntet, wenn ihr jeden umarmen möchtet, wenn ihr einfach nur unbeschreiblich glücklich seid und unendlich dankbar für dieses Leben seid ? 658 more words