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Getting Started:

Sometime in 2016 I decided that I had had enough of everyday life here in Australia, getting up, going to University, going to work, studying some more and going back to bed just wasn’t what I was looking for anymore so I started looking at my options. 295 more words


Settling in to my new home!

When I was about 16 I decided my main goals in life were to live in Germany, get a German boyfriend and become fluent in German. 492 more words


Stepmother from Hell [Part 2]

… Stepmother from Hell continued …

(In which my host mother gangs up with a Nazi woman, I become illegal in Germany, and flights are planned to England to escape my impending doom) 3,731 more words


Austin Part Two

So for the first time since Natalie has been here, we finally both got a weekend off at the same time! It wasn’t even supposed to happen either. 800 more words

Small Town, Italy

Well, it’s been a while, but as a famous Italian plumber once said, “Imma back!”

A lot has happened since my first post: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, trips to various cities…and I promise, I’ll write about all of that soon! 1,869 more words


How to find an Aupair Job

I moved to Germany because I was offered a position to be an aupair for five children between the ages of one and thirteen. I never planned on being an aupair because it wasn’t a job that I knew existed until a little over a year ago. 445 more words


The 6 Dos of Hosting an Au Pair

Interviewing and matching a perfect au pair for your family can take a lot of your time and effort. However, keep in mind that finding a good one can also give you and your children a lot of advantages. 522 more words

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